Breakfast – Cereal & toast or biscuit, sausage & cheese

Lunch – Elementary – Chicken fajitas w/peppers & onions or corn dog, tossed salad, Spanish rice, pinto beans, mixed fruit

Other Campuses – Chicken nuggets or breaded beef patty or pizza, tossed salad, mashed potatoes, gravy green peas, mixed vegetables, flavored diced pears, hot roll


Breakfast – Cereal & toast or breakfast pizza

Lunch – Elementary – Beefy cheese nachos or turkey sandwich w/burger salad, brown rice, green beans, whole kernel corn, diced peaches

Other Campuses – Taco salad or pizza, garden salad, Spanish rice, pinto beans, cabbage & tomatoes, pineapple tidbits


Breakfast – Cereal & toast or egg & sausage

Lunch – Elementary – Steak fingers or BBQ pork ribette on bun, macaroni & cheese, spinach mixed vegetables, sliced apricots, biscuit

Other Campuses – Chicken Italiano or grilled cheese sandwich w/pickles or pizza, tossed salad, spaghetti w/marinara sauce, Italian green beans, California style vegetables, sliced apricots, garlic batter bread


Breakfast – Cereal & toast or oatmeal & toast

Lunch –Elementary – Barbeque wieners or ham sandwich w/burger salad, mashed potatoes, green peas, zucchini & tomatoes, fruited gelatin, cornbread

Other Campuses – Orange chicken bowl or ham & cheese on bun w/burger salad or pizza, garden salad, steamed rice, Oriental vegetables, sliced carrots, sliced peaches, fortune cookie


Breakfast – Cereal & toast or cheese toast

Lunch – Elementary – Cheeseburger w/burger salad or pizza, tator tots, vegetarian beans carrot sticks w/dip, flavored diced pears, chocolate chip cookie

Other Campuses – Cheeseburger or breaded fish on bun w/burger salad or pizza, tossed salad, tator tots, ranch beans, carrot sticks, cinnamon apples, chocolate chip cookie

Fruit or juice and milk choice served at breakfast.

Fresh fruit and milk choice served at lunch.