Josh Blanek

Even though itís still February, now is the time to prepare your lawn for spring green-up.

Maintaining a healthy lawn by proper watering, mowing and fertilizing is your first line of defense when controlling those unwanted weeds. But sometimes thatís just not enough. From now until March 15th is the time we need to be applying Pre-Emergent to our lawns before warm season weed seeds begin to germinate.

Pre-Emergent herbicides control weeds by forming a barrier that prevents the seeds from germinating or by killing the young plant before it emerges and is harder to kill. For it to be effective you need to get that material down before weeds start coming up in late February, March or April.

And itís not just weed control, itís those unwanted grasses like Crabgrass and sandburs also.

A number of stores carry a number of brands that control weeds common in most of our lawns.

But before you buy any, read the label carefully. Determine which brand works best with the type of grass in your yard. Some brands can actually damage certain species of grass.

You will also need to determine ahead of time your lawn square footage, to help determine how much herbicide you will need.

Once the Pre-Emergent herbicide is applied, water the lawn immediately. The material needs to soak into the top layer of soil to be effective. If left on the surface too long the herbicide could break down in the sunlight losing some of its potency.