The lady Hornets played their last home game on Friday and won 52-28 against Olgesby and did a fine job of it. I didnít stay for the boysí game, so I have no scores, but I am sure they also won.

Well, itís that time again, have you got your garden plowed? Got your onions, radishes, English peas in yet? If not, now would be the time for you to get on the stick, the weather is warming up somewhat. Donít forget it wonít be long before the tomato race will begin, and youíve got to have some really big ones growing.

I found out this week, that Feb. 6 is National Wear Red Day, when Americans nationwide wear something red on this day to show support for womenís heart disease awareness. Diane Roberts was one of those Americans with her little red dress pin worn proudly on her shirt. Did you know that more women die of heart disease than any other disease? In fact, one in four women die from heart disease.

The risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity and family history of early coronary heart disease. Having only one of these risk factors can double your risk for developing heart disease.

Peggy Trotterís mother, Bessie Mae Tucker Holliday, passed away Jan. 31 at the age of 85. Bessie had been in the rest home for some time and passed after a long and painful illness while in a Fort Worth hospital. Her funeral services were held on the Feb. 5 in Eastland and burial was at the Simpson Cemetery in Kokomo Community near Gorman. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all of her family friends. She will be missed by many.

I hear that a few of the Walnut Springs neighbors are having birthdays. Larry Staffordís wife Nancy had her birthday on Feb. 3, Kathy Brault and Gary Phillips on the 4th, and Doug Beavers will turn 90 on the 11th.

In case you donít know these folks, here is a little info on them. Nancy owns Gabeís Station in Glen Rose. Kathy and her daughter Lori are the caretakers of Annabeth Clarkson, and do a great job. Gary is Barbaraís husband and also works hard on what use to be called the Flat Top Ranch. His family is giving Doug a big birthday party on Saturday. Happy Birthday to each of you.

Mary Heartsill called to tell me of her sister-in-lawís motherís death in Cleburne. Gladys Myers had been living with her daughter, Linda and Darrell Point of Glen Rose. She passed away Jan. 29 at the age of 92. Myers also had three sons, Jim and wife Susan, Glenn and wife Linda all of Cleburne, and Gary and wife Roxanne of Burleson. She also had eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Feb. 3 at the Rosser Funeral Home Chapel in Cleburne and burial at Rosehill Cemetery.

Myers and her deceased husband used to run Myers Plant Co. It was located at the end of the street that ran by Piggly Wiggly in Cleburne. When I worked in Cleburne at the airport I found that place and fell in love with them both. They always knew the answer to every question I had about the plants and never minded telling me their secret of how to take care of them. It was a really homey place and I never tired of spending many hours there after work. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all their family friends. They will be missed by many.

Teresa Hernandez told me she and her daughter Judy will travel to San Antonio this weekend to attend the funeral for Johnís brother, Carmen, who passed away this passed week. His funeral will be held Feb. 10 in San Antonio and since he served his country in the Navy he will be buried in the National Cemetery there. Our send our condolences to the family.

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