Great news! Those outstanding Walnut Springs Lady Hornets have made history. Their basketball season came to a sad end Friday night but not before they distinguished themselves by advancing farther than any other girls’ basketball team in the history of Walnut Springs High School.

That’s quite a feat, ladies, and we’re tremendously proud of you!

A part of the heart of Walnut Springs Schools has gone with the passing of Mr. D.E. Edwards, longtime superintendent. Edwards was a stabilizing force for Walnut schools before his retirement in the late 70s.

In addition to his wife Adie Zell and daughters, he is survived by Donny Edwards who still lives in Walnut Springs. With gratitude for his contributions to our schools, we offer sincere condolences to Donny, his mother and family.

Jessica Howard’s proud mom Deanna Godwin emailed that she would like Jessica’s friends to have her address. You can send letters or cards to SR Howard, J; N 3405, Sailor Drive, Ship 07 Division 132, Great Lakes, Il 60088-3401. I’m not certain about where the commas go, but include that information, and I’ll bet she’ll get your letter. Jessica said that it’s really cold there so she could use some warm, cheerful news from home.

More cheerful notes can be heard around here as Lyndon Jones has spotted five purple martins at his place south of Walnut Springs. What a welcome sight and what cheerful songs these happy birds sing—a sure sign that spring really is just around the corner. I know we’ve had an new influx of cardinals, chickadees, robins, and other birds at our feeders. It’s so uplifting to step outside in the mornings and hear their songs. As Francis Chapman once said, “Spring would not be spring without bird songs.” Welcome, Spring! We need you—but bring some rain, please?

More proud parents, Phillip and Stephania Whitfield, welcome their new son, Tyler Phillip Whitfield, to the world. He was born in Granbury on January 20, much to the delight of Steven and Sharla Collins, his glowing grandparents. In addition to his proud parents and him, his family includes big sister Madysen who’ll make a great babysitter. Right, Madysen?

Just a bit more about the Texas Independence Celebrations going on around the state and especially around Bosque County—Our Walnut Springs Historical Association (WSHA) program was last night so if you’re just getting the word, I’m sorry that you missed it! There are still celebrations going on, though, in which you can participate. Jo Ann St. Clair sent word about one on March 14. The Bosque County Historical Commission is spotlighting Walnut Springs at its annual Preservation Luncheon. The meeting is at Clifton Civic Center and includes a lunch ($10 ticket) and Bryan Sowell as speaker. It starts at 12:00, and we really should have strong representation from Walnut Springs. Another part of this county-wide celebration has been the contests for 4th and 7th graders in all the schools. The WSHA promised pizza parties if every student in those grades participated. Happily, we’ll be paying off on that deal! Kids, we’ll be setting these parties up very soon.

Once again, it’s time to stop digging and get out of this hole. If I’ve left out items you sent, I apologize and urge to re-submit by contacting Roberta at 254-7977-8200 or e-mail her at Thanks for your attention, and have a great week!