Special to the Reporter

The Walnut Springs Historical Association has received a $2,000 grant from First Choice Power to implement energy saving measures designed to decrease its energy bill. The grant is one of 25 Reduce Your UseTM Grants awarded by First Choice Power to nonprofits around the state to provide tools for increased energy efficiency and lower bills.

“This grant allows us to be more energy-efficient and save money that we can use on our museum needs,” said Charlene Freeman, secretary of the WSHA.

According to Brian Hayduk, president of First Choice Power, organizations from across the state applied for the grants totaling more than $50,000.

“We are partnering with Texas nonprofits to help them find ways to conserve energy,” Hayduk said. “By reducing energy consumption, they can focus more of their money on their respective missions.”

This is the first grant program of its kind that directly funds energy efficiency measures for nonprofits. It is the Walnut Springs Historical Association’s second time receiving a Reduce Your Use Grant.

WSHA was established in June 2005. Since then, through member participation and tremendous community support, they have opened a museum in downtown Walnut Springs. The museum is full of items that tell the story of Walnut Springs, the Katy Railroad and the citizens that worked hard to make it all possible. Come by and visit the museum from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.