Somervell County and Glen Rose received a 6.5 percent lower sales tax allocation from the state for January 2011 than it did a year ago, according to sales tax data released by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.

The January rebate of sales tax revenues received by the state and returned to cities reflects purchases made during the month of November. Glen Rose's local sales tax rate is 2 percent.

The most recent allocation for Glen Rose was $59,491, compared with $63,653 a year earlier.

The comptroller's data for the past seven years shows that Glen Rose's sales tax allocation from the state grew gradually between 2004, then more than doubled in the latter half of 2008 and the the first half of 2009 when Barnett Shale drilling activity brought more business to the area.

After that inflated spike, the sales tax rebate to Glen Rose fell last year, bottoming out last April when the payment from the state was $53,297.51, the lowest level since Oct. 2007.

Glen Rose's January 2011 allocation was down 15 percent from December's total of more than $70,282. However, some local retailers said they experienced strong sales in the December calendar year because of the holidays. The comptroller won't report that closely watched Christmas revenue data until next month.