Special to the Reporter

Alpha Delta Beta (ADB), Chapter 7203, Beta Sigma Phi meeting was held at the home of Erma Sanderson. Hostesses were Erma Sanderson, Lori Magner, Cheryl Nabors and DeAnna Hardie. The theme of the meeting was Mardi Gras as evident in the beautiful decorations and fabulous food.

The meeting was called to order by President Cynthia Moates. After roll call, it was noted that only one member was absent.

Minutes from the Feb. 10 meeting were read by recording secretary Debbie Davis. Some corrections were made to the February meeting minutes and it was noted the Valentine Sweetheart was corrected to reflect that Cynthia Moates was our Valentine sweetheart.

Sharon Patton updated the group on the treasurerís report.

Committee Reports followed. Melodie Isham, Correspondence Secretary reported on correspondence received. Deanna Hardie, Social Secretary reported on the April social event that will be in Fredericksburg.

Telephone Committee Chairman Evalene Howell confirmed the telephone committee was doing great at keeping everyone updated on sorority information.

Secret Sister Chairman Cynthia Joyner Marshall reminded each member of the secret sister process.

Service Committee Chairman Peggy Huffman reminded the group of current projects the sorority is working on.

Betty Gosdin, scholarship chairman is beginning the process of coordinating the scholarship program. ADB will be giving four scholarships to Glen Rose High School Graduates this year.

Tammy Dooley, Extension Officer reported on plans for Founderís Day Celebration. A committee was formed and plans are underway for the annual event.

Vice President Sharon Schultz stated that all three pledges had finished their training and tests. Everyone is so proud of the new members and the group was especially grateful to Schultz for the amazing job she did during the process.

Melodie Isham was recognized by the sorority for perfect straight attendance from September 2003 to date. Additionally she also never missed a meeting during the 1997 - 1998 year. A standing ovation was given to her.

President Cynthia Moates reminded the group that at the next meeting a new slate of proposed officers would be presented for the 2009-2010 year. A committee was formed to carry out this task.

Following the meeting, a special ceremony was conducted for the three new members. Shirley Reinke, Julie Locke and Lori Magner. Each was presented their Ritual of Jewels pin.

Members Present: Crickett Bacon, Debbie Davis, Tammy Dooley, Betty Gosdin, DeAnna Hardie, Evalene Howell, Peggy Huffman, Melodie Isham, Kathy Jackson, Julie Locke,

Peggy Lytle, Lori Magner, Cynthia Joyner Marshall, Bertha Mieth, Cynthia Moates, Cheryl Nabors, Sharon Patton, Shirley Reinke, Sharon Schultz, Carole Stricklin, and Donna Vineyard.