Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds told reporters on a tour of the most heavily damaged parts of Granbury that the tornado that ripped through the community Wednesday night was at least an F4. Tornados are ranked on a scale of 1-5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Five is the worst, with the most damage and highest winds.

No official statement has been released by the National Weather Service, but the sheriff and other county officials are making statements to news media. Nineteen homes in the path of the tornado were completely leveled by the storm, 17 have major damage. According to county officials, 97 out of 110 homes in the neighborhood were affected by the storm. At least 30 homes have minor damage and 12 have roof damage from high winds.

Six people are reportedly dead and another six are still missing as crews and officials say the attention has been shifted from a search and rescue operation to a recovery effort.

An estimated 37 people were treated at Lake Granbury Medical Center, with 15 transported to Fort Worth hospitals and 17 treated and released, according to officials.

The American Red Cross has opened shelters at two local churches in Granbury. Officials also confirmed donations have begun pouring in from local communities, with more expected.