Glen Rose is a community where volunteers make a huge difference, whether it's for civic organizations such as the Glen Rose Lions Club (“We serve!”), non-profits such as LDL, events such as Relay for Life and the Somervell County Rodeo, school activities, church functions, delivering meals to students for the Summer Feeding Program or helping out at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

    This poem by an unknown author sums up the unsung contributions of volunteers. We reprint it here to thank those who do so much in the community for no monetary gain, but for far greater rewards, and to inspire others to join them. – Kathryn Jones, Managing Editor

God Bless the Volunteers

Many will be shocked to find,?

When the day of judgment nears,?

That there's a special place in heaven?

Set aside for volunteers.

Furnished with big recliners,

Satin couches and foot stools,

Where there's no committee chairmen,

No group leaders or car pools.

No eager team that needs a coach,

No bazaar and no bake sale.

There will be nothing to staple,?

Not one thing to fold or mail.

Telephone lists will be outlawed,

But a finger snap will bring?

Cool drinks and gourmet dinners?

And treats fit for a king.

You ask: "Who'll serve these privileged few?

And work for all they're worth?"?

Why, all those who reap the benefits

And ?ot once volunteer on Earth!

– Unknown