The Glen Rose Independent School District Board of Trustees received a look into the technologically savvy future of students and teachers at its monthly meeting on Monday.

Technology director Doug McClure told board members that the department has a three-step plan involving technology to make the classroom available to students with the click of a button. While the latter two projects are in the early stages of development, McClure elaborated on the first step to providing endless resources.

“(We need to) get our greatest resource (our teachers) into the hands of our students outside the classroom,” he said.

The technology department proposes to activate this plan by using 10-15 teachers throughout the school year as “guinea pigs.” The teachers will be able to their Active Boards to make videos, similar to podcasts, available to students via the web.

The Active Boards have a wireless microphone, which allows teachers to record their voice while presenting a lesson plan and synchronizing it with movements on the board. Teachers will then be able to upload the lessons to their Web sites, making it readily available all of their students.

McClure described the process as a multimedia education.

“You get the things into their hands outside of the classroom,” he said.

Board members were receptive to the idea, providing input and asking questions.

“The idea of having a podcast for the class is excellent,” member Tom Lounsberry said.