Reporter Staff Report

The Glen Rose/Somervell County Community Networking Group formed of local business owners, elected officials, organizations, and citizens met July 7 and approved a name, vision statement and values.

Vision Statement: To serve as a “think tank” for improving communication for the area’s private and public sectors in assisting the development of a strong, vibrant and sustainable local economy.

Mission Statement: To assist local businesses, government entities and organizations in working together on improving, promoting and sustaining the local economic climate through tourism and economic progress while maintaining the personality and the great traditions unique to our community.

Values: Non-political, non-sectoral, constructive, productive, forward-looking, focused, unify, support.

The group meets at 9 a.m. every Tuesday at Holiday Inn Express (unless otherwise indicated).

Subcommittees have been formed to work on signage, logo brand, beautification, festivals or other items of interest brought to attention that may promote tourism or positively benefit Glen Rose.

For more information, call Jimmy Gosdin at 254-897-1821.