The Somervell County Commissioners Court recently voted to extend Dooley Management's special events contract to manage the Expo Center and Texas Ampitheatre for another year.

But it also is moving ahead to develop a job description for a future public events manager who would be a county employee, as well as explore salary ranges and a desired list of qualifications.

Commissioners on Monday discussed whether to hire an outside consultant to help it establish a job description and salary requirements or consult public events organizations that might charge a lower fee.

They decided to table a decision and get more information.

“We might be able to find something for less cost,” County Judge Mike Ford said.

The year-long extension with Dooley Management will give the county time to decide how it wants to proceed and structure a public events management job.

After the meeting, Mike Dooley of Dooley Management said he has been working with the county judge for the past six months to develop an alternative since continuing a management contract is not “the way they want to go,” Dooley said.

Asked whether or not he would agree to become a county employee, Dooley said he would prefer not to answer that question at this time.

Dooley also is a major investor in the Land of the Dinosaurs play that performed at the Texas Ampitheatre last summer, but ran into financial problems and did not return this summer. The Glen Rose Economic Development Corp. gave the production's company an $80,000 loan.

The play may appear in Midland and San Antonio and Land of the Dinosaurs LLC hopes to bring it back to Glen Rose for eight to 10 “abbreviated” performances next summer.

Some changes in the mix of investors has helped, Dooley said. One investor departed. Darrell Best, former head of the GREDC, also has said he is an investor.

“Right now I'm a little more optimistic than I was,” Dooley said.