Wow, what a week! Perfect weather and I got to enjoy it all! I took the week off for cataract surgery on my other eye and everything is beautiful again. It sure was nice to stay at home without being physically sick. The eye just had to rest.

It is amazing how dingy everything is before surgery and you don’t even realize it until they take that thing off your eye. I thought my white shirts needed a bleach job and I kept trying to get them white and all the time it was my eyes.

Phyl, Jerry’s sister, had her surgery on Thursday last week to reconstruct both of her hips. She started physical therapy on Friday and is in Huguley Hospital, Room 407. The surgery went well and hopefully she will now be out of so much pain and immobility.

Punk and Molly, Fern and Willard joined us at the hospital to wait out the 5-hour surgery. Phyl has many friends calling to check on her and we wanted everyone to know she will be better very soon. Please keep her in your prayers as she still has many weeks of healing ahead.

Well, I found I had messed up again, this is starting to be a real trend with me. I found a stack of papers on my desk of news people had given me and I never put in the paper, so bear with me for some old but interesting news.

Tammy and Charlie Stephens of Walnut Springs had a granddaughter born on April 25. Riley Taylor Downey was born in Cleburne at 12:33 and weighed in at 7 lb. 11 oz. and was 18 inches long. She is much bigger than that now and growing like a weed.

The proud parents are Jessica and Coy Downey of Tolar, Texas. Other grandparents are Ron and Mim Downey and Mary Downey of New Mexico. Great grandparents are Floyd (Pops) and Patricia (Boots) Simmons of Grandview, Texas; Louise and Ross Hare and Bill and Faye Satterfield, also of New Mexico. Great-great grandparents are Patsy Ballard of Springtown, Texas and Jesse Lewis of New Mexico.

What a joy those family members are here to enjoy such a special event. Congratulations to each of you!

Also several months ago Collin, son of Chris and Jimilyn Freeman, got a new BMX trickster bike.

He wanted to get on the new bike, which he calls the “Spook Bike,” and try some tricks. First rattle out of the box, he slid on gravel and one of the handlebars went down his throat. Two days later, his brother Darin was riding and stood up on the stunt bars at the back and it slid on the gravel again. Darin came away with road rash, scrapes on the hands, a pulled muscle along with several stitches to the chin.

Collin received a scan on his neck and found he had a tear at the back of his esophagus that opened up into the spine. He was transferred to Cooks Children’s Hospital and stayed three days before he was well enough to come home.

They boys are fine now, but it was a pretty scary few days there for a while.

The WSVFD is having a fajita supper and auction on Sept. 27 at the fire hall at 7 p.m. Prices are $7 for adults and $5 for children. The Richard Trotter Band and other local talent will provide live entertainment.

If anyone would like to donate items for the auction, please call Karen Singletary at 797-8823 or Cathy Ripley at 797-2577.

Come and support our VFD. Membership is down and volunteers are needed badly. Forms can be obtained at the supper and at football games from the fire truck.

Most of our members are out of town during the day. No one knows when disaster will occur. What would happen if we didn’t have a fire dept? We need to all to pull together to help each other.

I was talking to Carol Olson at the PO several months ago and we were talking about the fact that we were getting older and our parents also and how we hoped our children would be there for us when we needed them. She told me this story and it is your food for thought.

Grandpa, Dad and son all lived together out in the country. One day, grandpa died and son ran to tell Dad in the fields. Dad told him to run to the barn and fetch a toe sack and the wheelbarrow and he’d take care of the situation. Dad put grandpa in the toe sack, loaded him into the wheelbarrow and took him down to the river.

He was about to dump grandpa in the river when Son stopped him and told him, “Wait, I need that toe sack, just dump grandpa in the river without it.”

Dad asked why he needed the toe sack and his son replied, “So I will have something when you die to put you in.”

Y’all have a great week and call with your news (254) 797-8200 or email Now like the farmer said after he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road.