Question: If there was one vitamin you would recommend, which one is it?

A lot of alternative therapies are flooding the markets and many people have a hard time deciding what is best for their health.

I have seen more Cialis commercials on television while watching my Cowboys try to win a game this year. Over the airwaves, shows talk about alternative medicine and home remedies.

Mainstream medicine, as many refer to it as, or “allopathic medicine,” as we call it, is just one of the options people have with their health.

Studying medicine and the history of medicine has given me much to appreciate when it comes to naturopathies, home remedies and our own scientific research.

I can easily tell you that vitamin D is very important, because it is utilized for many different organ functions. It is a prohormone, so it is important in metabolism of many hormones. A recent published study reports that nearly 3,000 genetic binding sites for vitamin D relating to various diseases such as diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis, some cancers and dementia have been found.

I am impressed that over 800 studies of vitamin D’s effect against cancer have been done. I frequently tell my patients that low vitamin D is linked to problems with the heart, joints and the muscles. You can actually cut your risk of diabetes, some cancers and coronary artery disease by up to 50 percent by maintaining adequate vitamin D levels.

The usual amount of vitamin D3 in a multivitamin is around 400 IU, but the recommendations are much higher. You can get some sunlight exposure for about 10 to 15 minutes if you are light skinned, and 30 minutes if dark skinned, to increase your levels. You need to take around 2,000 IU daily to increase blood levels. Also, be patient when taking this vitamin. It doesn’t work overnight; in fact, it may take up to half a year to get adequate levels again.

I make it a point to check a simple blood test of vitamin D OH 25 levels on my patients during annual exams, and sometimes when patients complain of fatigue.

Please make an appointment today to get your blood test evaluated, it will do your body good!

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