Wesley Marsh, a young man in Glen Rose who operated a truck line, built this house for his bride-to-be, Marvin Morton, who at this time was teaching at Hayes College near Tolar. The house was built in 1930 across the street from Rivercrest Park entrance on SW Barnard.

Construction was started in April by F. S. Williams, local lumberman and builder, and completed in June. Work was supervised by Roy English, whose helpers were Gran and “Pomp” Norman, Ben Nabors and others. They were paid 35 cents per hour and were glad to have a job and make that much money. Wesley hauled all the petrified wood from Hood County in his truck, and pieces of marble and granite from Cleburne Monument Works. It had a beautiful stone fireplace, hardwood floors and was the talk of the town. It had two bedrooms, bath, nice living room and dining area with a modern kitchen, and it was built for $1,400 that was borrowed from Dr. George P. Snyder.

The bride did not see the house until they moved in after the honeymoon. It was completely furnished and had one of the first electric stoves in Glen Rose. They thought it was magic because you didn’t have to put wood in it to cook!