Gary, Edwyna and Dr. Roger Marks were recently honored for their contributions to Glen Rose’s medical community. Honoring the family's legacy followed the first anniversary of Gary's retirement. 

Dr. Roger Marks and Dr. Robert English practiced medicine at what is now the Barnard's Mill and Art Museum. 

The doctors planned to build a new hospital, which opened in 1971. Dr. English passed away prior to the building completion, but he was memorialized within the facility's name - Marks-English Hospital and Nursing Home. 

Dr. Marks and various physicians staffed the emergency department and took care of patients in what is now part of the Glen Rose Nursing and Rehabilitation. 

Edwyna, a registered nurse, was the first director of nurses at Glen Rose Nursing Home. 

Dr. Marks completed his internship as a physician in the U.S. Army at a public health hospital in San Francisco, Calif., where he met and married Edwyna Davis. The couple later moved to New Jersey. Gary was an infant when his parents packed up to join the practice of Dr. Hanna in Glen Rose in 1949. Dr. Hanna eventually left the area and Dr. English joined in the care of the community. 

The Marks were faithful members of First United Methodist Church. Dr. Marks was a founding charter president of the Optimist Club in 1950. He was also mayor of Glen Rose and instrumental in facilitating the opening of the first local library, which was housed at the Methodist Church. 

Both Dr. Marks and Gary served as members of the Glen Rose ISD board or trustees. 

Mrs. Marks eventually resigned her position at the nursing facility, but stayed busy at home and within community groups. 

Marks sisters, Judy and Candy, spent time working in the business - Judy as an aide at the Barnard's Mill facility and Candy as a dishwasher at the newer facility. Judy later became a registered nurse and has served in a nursing capacity since, most recently as the administrator of an outpatient surgical center. Candy became an elementary school physical education teacher and high school coach. 

Warren earned his Master's Degree in Psychology and became a high school counselor. 

In 1967, Gary left home to attend college, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Texas Wesleyan University in 1971 and Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio. 

Gary tells the story that he "begged" his dad for a job at the Marks-English Hospital and had to prove his worth before his father would hire him to assist in the facility's administration. 

Dr. Marks sold the hospital to the Harris Methodist Health System in 1981 and retired a few years later. By this time many changes had occurred in the healthcare industry, perhaps the most well known being the implementation of the DRG (Diagnosis-Related Group) payment methodology, which required significant change in the style of hospital operations. 

Gary was by then well qualified and continued on as CEO until his retirement in Nov. 2011. Numerous ownership changes occurred over the years, all with an eye toward ensuring the ongoing future of medical care for the residents of Somervell County under Gary's direction.