The Glen Rose Downtown Association needs your help.

The non-profit group has launched a membership drive and is open to any individual or company interested in promoting, maintaining and encouraging the civic, social, commercial, tourist and economic welfare of historic downtown Glen Rose.

“Right now we need new members,” said Kimberly Cecil, owner of Earthly Possessions and the association’s president.

She added that the association is working on a new Web site to promote downtown.

“You don’t even have to have your own Web site,” Cecil said. “You can have your own customized page.”

Other current officers are Vice President Deidra Cockerham of Junkyard Dog, which recently combined operations with Soul to Soul, and Secretary-Treasurer Karen Richardson. Other members include the Pie Peddlers, real estate firms, insurance companies and retailers.

Cecil came up with the idea for the popular Girls Night Out held on the third Saturday of each month. The association also has printed downtown brochures, promoted Girls Night Out with advertising and cards and seeks to create awareness of downtown.

“Some people still drive through Glen Rose and don’t know we have a downtown,” Cecil said.

The downtown association in the past also was responsible for special events, but the group has stepped back somewhat on that since the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce has become active in bringing festivals to downtown.

While some businesses downtown have closed — Rummage Around, Anderson’s, Sadler’s and the Western photography studio — and the Rustic Rhinestone downsized and moved across the square, a few new ones have opened.

Photographer Kelly Hoodenpyle’s Paluxy River Trading sells Glen Rose souvenirs, T-shirts and her photographs, and the Chamber now has a presence downtown next to the “green carpet” where it has shown films at the Up Against the Wall Theater.

Jeannie Lane, who owns the Campbell Building, also bought the Anderson’s space as an investment in Glen Rose’s long-term future and is offering lease space for merchants and artisans.

Grammy’s Junction plans to move into the former Junkyard Dog space at Elm and Grace streets.

Meanwhile, Cecil also has reopened her Earthly Possessions shop in the Talley Building, one of the oldest structures on the square. The main counter is a sprawling antique seed counter that used to be in the Milam Building.

She has brought it an eclectic mix of merchandise unique to downtown — upscale Caldrea lotions, natural cleaning products, French-milled soaps, imported items and her own handmade jewelry. You can even find wind-up toys that look like sushi rolls and an incredible light fixture made of red coral. It’s like a smaller version of World Market in Glen Rose.

Cecil also wants to add more of her own art and other handcrafted, artsy items — “things you can’t buy at market,” as she described them. “I like quirky.”

“One thing people are so good at here (on the square) is that we all strive to be unique,” Cecil added “We respect each other’s business.”

The membership fee to join the association is $25 for an individual and $35 for a business. Members meet every third Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Pie Peddlers shop. Joining will do a lot to help downtown businesses survive the weak economy and continue making Glen Rose a vibrant tourist venue.