A total of 56 hunters entered the Xtreme Predator Calling (XPC) Contest March 7 in Cleburne, claiming more than $9,000 in cash and prizes.

Brian Doty, host of Xtreme Outdoor Adventures that airs on the Sportsman Channel, hosted the contest.

Even with all the great prizes, Doty was most excited about the youth hunters.

“I’m all about getting our youth involved in hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. I was glad to see a couple of youth teams entered,” Doty said.

Both teams were from Joshua but one teammate was Riley Waits, grandson of Charlotte and Speedy Kirkpatrick of Glen Rose.

“Having the youth involved in this kind of stuff is great. It teaches them to appreciate things, have patients and respect,” Doty said.

Clint Nickell, Casey Johnson, and Andy Mullins, all from Glen Rose, also tested their skills in the XPC Contest.

“Luck has a lot to do with your results at the end of the night. I personally know a lot of the guys that entered and they know what they are doing. Sometimes it just comes down to the country you are hunting that particular night,” Doty said.

The contest was the third annual predator-calling event and Doty said contestants came from far and wide.

“We had people from all over the state enter and even had a guy from Oklahoma,” Doty said.

Other contestants hailed from Chico, Boyd, Hurst, Fort Worth and Crawford.

“We had a good turnout,” Doty said. “We competed with several events I didn’t know about. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation had their convention in Fort Worth, Glen Rose had the PRCA rodeo, and Tuff Hedeman had his championship bull riding at Will Rogers. I had several phone calls from guys that had family plans to attend these different events.”

First place was Robbie James team from Waco. They brought in 10 gray fox and seven coyotes, winning $1,040 in cash and $585 in prizes.

Second place was Roy Vernon’s team from Stephenville. They brought in five coyotes that won them $700 in cash and $290 in prizes.

Third place was Shay Snyder’s team from Gatesville. They brought in two coyotes, one bobcat, and one gray fox that won them $560 in prizes.

Fourth place was Kyle Birdwell’s team from Cleburne. They brought in four coyotes and one gray fox, winning $300 in prizes.

Roy Vernon’s team from Stephenville also won $300 for the heaviest coyote weighing 39.2 pounds.

Justin Meredith’s team from Cleburne won $260 for the heaviest bobcat at 19.4 pounds.

Gabe Salmon’s team from Weatherford won $260 for the heaviest gray fox that weighed 10.5 pounds.

“The rest of the prizes were awarded to hunters by drawings. That way even if you had a bad night of hunting you still had a good chance of winning some good prizes,” said Doty.

Prizes consisted of a Matthews bow, arrows, rifle, aluminum gun case, mount at Modern Taxidermy, predator calls, and gift certificates for all types of hunting gear.

“Even local spectators entered and won several gift certificates to local supporting business’s like Lonestar Ranch & Outdoors and West End Grill,” Doty said.

West End Grill served up sliced BBQ, sausage, potato salad, beans, roles, and tea. They also set up for the weigh-in on Sunday.

“I would like to give a big thanks to all the sponsors that helped make all this possible. I think the community needs more of these events. It brings people together, and bringing people together makes the community stronger,” said Doty.