If you’re an avid golfer or a novice, you’ve got a chance to win $1 million and raise money for one of the area’s leading charities, the LDL Foundation for Educational Resources.

This year LDL is holding a “Million Dollar Shoot Out,” beginning next week at Squaw Valley Golf Course, for its annual fundraiser.

Duff Cunningham, Squaw Valley’s head golf professional, last week visited the Glen Rose Lions Club and explained how the competition works:

Starting next Thursday, Nov. 5, there will be eight days of qualifications. The closest four participants to the hole each day will move on for the chance to win $1 million. That means a total 32 participants will compete for the prize.

Qualifying days will continue each day until the final day, Saturday, Nov. 13.

“I’ve been playing golf for 37 years and I’ve never made (a hole in) one,” Cunningham said. “It’s a great opportunity for any amateur to come out and receive this opportunity.”

If no one makes a hole in one, the participants will move 15 yards closer. If someone makes that hole in one, the prize is $100,000.

“We’ll give a guaranteed cash prize to the one closest to the pin,” Cunningham said.

Anyone interested in participating can register online at www.glenrosemilliondollargolf.com to prevent standing in line the day of qualifying. Registration is limited to 300 entrants per day for qualifying and is open to any amateur golfer. Event organizers are accepting sponsors at different participation levels.

All proceeds from the event benefit LDL.