Built of petrified wood and stone in 1929 by Lewis and Ima Lou Gresham, this house still exists on Barnard Street beside the Paluxy between town and Big Rocks Park. In recent years, the Moore/Blackstock family resided there.

According to Erma Moore Blackstock, rock masons such as Frank McCoy, Gran Norman and Wheeler Nabors worked with the stone and petrified wood from the Rock Creek area.

Lewis’ parents and family moved to Glen Rose in the late 1880s and ran a dry goods store (no groceries) on the square under the name of Nix, Baird and Gresham. Not long afterward, the business dissolved into Gresham only. The W.T. Gresham family ran the store on the square for close to 100 years.

Lewis Gresham managed the business after his father died until his own death. Ima and son Lewis Jr. bought out the heirs and ran the store. Lewis Jr. continued most of his adult life, with his widow being the last of the family to be involved with the business.