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The Glen Rose Neo-Relix Film Festival has announced the line-up for the screening of films for its film festival to be held in Glen Rose during the weekend of August 26 to 29.

Over 50 short and long features and documentary films were submitted as part of the GRNRFF inaugural film festival. Films were submitted from around the world with films from the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, and Spain making the final selection.

The film festival lineup includes a selection of 10 long and 14 short, films and documentaries. Films were selected according to the film festival's theme illustrating the passage of time; where we have been, where we are now and where we are going.

The GRNRFF is a unique event in that the film festival is being presented in a town that does not have a theater. Films will be presented in unique locations throughout the town, including historic buildings, in the sanctuary of a church and in an open-air venue.

The film festival will begin on Thursday, Aug. 26, with registration at the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce downtown. The first film screening will start on Friday, August 27, a 10 a.m. in the transformed Neo-Relix "theater" in downtown Glen Rose.  The Neo-Relix website, www.grnrff.org, will have the screening times and locations for the films and documentaries.

As the "Dinosaur Capital of Texas," Glen Rose has a history that goes back to the very dawn of time, while it is also home of one of the world's most advanced nuclear power stations.  A quick look around town and you will find that Glen Rose itself meets the definition of "Neo·Relix," bringing new and old together.

Contact the GRNRFF via the Chamber of Commerce at 897-2286, or email at films@grnrff.org.

Love & Valor - The Intimate Civil War Letters - United States (89mins)

The movie, narrated by Brian Dennehy, is a dramatic story of the American Civil War as told through the actual letters of a Union Captain from Iowa and his wife. Based on the book 'Love and Valor - Intimate Civil War Letters Between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner,' which was featured by the Smithsonian in the month after 9/11. Captain Jacob Ritner was a teacher, farmer and abolitionist before the war. Emeline remained home to raise four small children and manage the family farm. Their story is also a story of community. As Jacob tells stories of young soldiers under his command, Emeline relates the stories of their parents back in Iowa. Also includes the strange stories of how their great-great grandson, filmmaker Charles Larimer, found their letters.

Wid Winner & the Slipstream - United States (50mins)

'Wid Winner & the Slipstream' is a coming of age story of Wid Winner, an auto parts store worker whose life never lived up to his own expectations. After one particularly disenchanting day, Wid's store is robbed by a traveling scientist named Kenneth who is convinced he can build a time machine. Together, the two lonesome men embark on a cross-country road trip in search of glory, redemption, and a chance to not be forgotten.

Stillness in Motion "Kyoto Jissoin - Japan (2mins)

'Stillness in Motion' is an experimental piece to let the audience feel the calmness and air of Jissoin Temple in Kyoto. A combination of patented technology 'SCAMERA' to obtain ultra-precise images, together with artisan's senses to give it very limited motion intentionally, creates the unique feel. Music adds to the flavor.

Whispers of the Woods  - United States (11mins)

A little girl named Asya travels through a forest to visit her sick grandmother only to face an unexpected situation brought on by creatures that lurk in the woods. Based off of the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood.

Crown thy Good - United States (11mins)

Two childhood friends from a small town in Texas plan to join the military when they grow up, following in the footsteps of their fathers' and grandfathers' before them. However, when the day to enlist arrives, and life isn't as simple, one decides to step away, and risks losing his best friend in the process.

The Great Dictator: Sam Kalow's Collection - United States (8mins)

This short documentary is about 'dead media” and a unique collection of audio recording machines exemplifying industrial design in the pre-digital age. The collection includes wax cylinder, wire, and magnetic recorders of every possible shape and design. The documentary establishes the way these dictating machines were used in offices all around the world. Dictation equipment advertising and marketing materials from the 1950s and 1960s, for example, show the boss-secretary relationship to be grounded in the unquestioned authority of the male “dictator” who recorded a letter to be typed up by the (female) secretary.

Pisces, Arise! - Australia (15mins)

Grant is not having the greatest run at life. He works a dead-end job in a fish and chip shop, is hounded by his porn-loving boss for being an 'oofty', and is in desperately in love with Kiera, who works at the fancy bagel store next door.   But when Grant's obsession with eBay shopping yields a mysterious spell book that just happens to be real, things take a turn for the unusual. Through the power of the Dark Arts, Grant just might have the chance to win Kiera's heart - but was man really meant to meddle in such things?  Starring upcoming Australian actors John Williams and Lelda Kapsis

Not Evil Just Wrong - Ireland (86mins)

Global warming alarmists want Americans to believe that humans are killing the planet. But Not Evil Just Wrong, a new documentary by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, proves that the only threats to America (and the rest of the world) are the flawed science and sky-is-falling rhetoric of Al Gore and his allies in environmental extremism.

Esther's Diary - United States (75mins)

In folk stories told and retold in Poland, the life of people like fictional character Esther Bloomenfeld captured the heart of Director, Mariusz Kotowski. In “Esther’s Diary,” Esther is a young, Jewish girl whose family is hidden from the Nazi’s by her friend, Apollonia’s family. They play in Apollonia’s cellar until the day that Esther’s family is captured. Even though Esther and Apollonia never find each other again, they continue to share an eternal bond of love and friendship with each other. Through the years, neither Esther nor Apollonia speak to their families of their experiences during the holocaust. Sarah, Esther’s adult daughter, has her world turned upside down when her distant mother passes away and leaves Sarah her diary. Sarah is suddenly allowed into her mother’s past to learn of all the horrors she lived through as a Jewish child in Poland in 1943.

Lunopolis - United States (99mins)

Through a late night conspiracy broadcast, a frantic caller claims human beings from the future are living on the moon, controlling our every action. His call is cut short, but when a box of unusual materials arrives at the radio station several days later, filmmakers Matt and Sonny become involved and pursue the story, following the lead and chasing a set of hidden coordinates deep into Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin.

Afghan - Canada (12mins)

Two young filmmakers debate about how to deal with racist graffiti, then act out their suggestions with enough dry wit and deadpan style to evoke the ghosts of Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett.

Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns - Canada (8mins)

An unexpected visitor with odd news and an odder story interrupts a family’s quiet day at the farmhouse. Things spiral into chaos when his insistent manner tests the family’s patience and produces a series of misunderstandings. Two Men is an unpredictable comedy with sharp dialogue and hilarious action that unfolds at a breakneck pace.

Creation - United States (8mins)

This short is inspired by Ovid's Creation story in Metamorphosis. In addition to composing the music, I also wrote, painted, shot, and edited the film. It was my Fall 08 Semester Project at Oberlin College. -Jay Nolan

Not Born Heroes - India (15mins)

The first encounter with cosmic intelligence was doomed to be our last. Civilization is a thing of the past. Only three have been left. Friendships in the time of survival are, well, alien. A tale of survival of the lone three whose world comes face to face with a reality, till now dismissed as common fear. Fear of being discovered will lead them to act. Left to the devices of nature, our heroes will prepare their respective responses. When a reality check comes summoning, the will of our heroes will be tested. After all, heroes are ‘not born’.

La historia más larga de Bilbao jamás pintada - Spain (27mins)

Felix de la Concha paints portraits of elder people living in Bilbao -near and over 100 years old-. Meanwhile posing, his sitters talk about their lives in the Basque Country. Now the viewer can follow at the same time these emotive interviews and how the artist captures with astonishing fidelity every trace of their faces.  Although aware of being recorded during their portrait process, they tell their stories at an age where their vanity has a different rapport and recounting facts that almost none would declare in public. In Spain, for instance, every people know that some political parties support or sympathize with the terrorist group ETA, but none in Bilbao would dare to address this in the way Don Anastasio will do here.

Goodbye Wendell - United States (37mins)

Wendell Harper lives in Fat Bob's Trailer Park in West Tennessee with his hateful parents, Claude and Brenda. A free-spirited but damaged girl, Ava Lee Carter blows into the rural town and inspires him to better his life, even though her own is chaotic. Ava Lee is haunted by the last words her daddy said to her before he was hauled off to prison and desperately seeks an escape from the tribulations caused by her neglectful mama.

ROCKABILLY 514 - Canada (86mins)

For over three years, award-winning filmmakers Patricia Chica and Mike Wafer documented the lives and struggles of a handful of characters within the rockabilly subculture in Montreal. The film is about a community of people who are dedicated to the 1950s rockabilly music and lifestyle. The directors have chosen to concentrate on the Montreal rocking scene for its strong foothold in North-America in terms of influence, presence and colorful diversity.

Fractured - Australia (11mins)

A husband can’t face losing his property. A single parent runs out of options. A mother can’t bring her family together. In a city that could be yours, three lives are connected by isolation.

Sherlock Hernandez - United States (15mins)

Amateur detective Diego (Sherlock) Hernandez tries to help his brother's friend, only to find a mob connection. Diego tries to use his influence over his close friend to help the troubled Cortez Family. Can he make the right choice to help or will he make things worse?

The Granthams: An American Family  - United States (85mins)

A documentary telling the amazing story of the film director's great-grandparents. Told almost exclusively through interviews with their children and grandchildren. Extensive use of home movie footage, photograph and current interviews.

The Secret Camera  - United States (45mins)

Corporal Terence Kirk was one of the first POW's of World War II, captured hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and being released after the bombing of Nagasaki.  The film tells the daring lengths by which Cpl. Kirk went to document the conditions the POWs had to endure during their confinement as POWs.   Cpl. Kirk's photographs were the documentary evidence at the Japanese war crimes trial at the end of WWII. 

Carried Away - United States (96mins)

Carried Away is a charming, heartfelt narrative about family dynamics and generational politics, pinpointing unique social factors present in modern America. Refreshingly, it avoids the temptation to condescend towards the elderly or stereotype the mentally-ill. Granny’s struggle to exist in a world to which she cannot relate, acknowledges the inevitable, overwhelming reality that befalls each of us. The extreme bond between grandparent and grandchild heralds a type of intimacy that may become increasingly typical as the break down of the nuclear family overlaps with the aging of society. - Natalie Cottrell, actress/writer

Hold -  United States (96mins)

HOLD is a tense, spare and lean drama about a young couple's relationship after the wife has been raped by a home intruder.  It depicts the isolation of a couple bound by love but torn by circumstance. The movie investigates the frailty of the hero complex and exposes the vulnerability that masculinity sometimes masks too well in the face of tragedy.