Glen Rose City Council members, city staff, city board members and interested citizens stopped by Oakdale Park on Monday afternoon to wish Gary Ivy, who has been the park's manager for more than year, a happy retirement.

Ivy announced he is stepping down, but the council voted to retain him as a consultant. Ivy and his wife, Brenda, plan to spend time in Colorado and do some traveling. Wayland Adams has been appointed interim park manager.

Well-wishers shared a lunch of finger sandwiches, cheese, fruit and cookies.

Then Mayor Pro Tem Bob Stricklin presented Ivy with a plaque to thank him for his work at Oakdale.

"It's turned into a beautiful facility and we know you put your heart and soul into it," Stricklin said.

Ivy thanked the council and city staff for their support.

"I think you can really see difference" at Oakdale, he said. Three cabins are left to renovate and the latest RV pads installed need to have chip-seal put down.

"I loved every minute of it - well, some minutes weren't so good," he said, to laughs. "I came out of retirement to do this and I'll go back into retirement and see how long I'll stay there."

Ivy gave his final report to the council Monday night. He said the park was $20,000 under projected revenue for the year, but noted that did not include revenues from last weekend's successful spring bluegrass festival.

Expenses are $11,000 under budget, he said.

Of the $350,000 capital budget for Oakdale, $94,000 is left, Ivy said.

The last big expense is to prime and chip-seal the RV pad sites and roads. About $75,000 should be set aside for that, although it may not end up costing that much, Ivy said.The state also has a new requirement that the pool much have a chair-lift, which will cost $5,000 to $6,000.

Even with that unexpected expense, Ivy said there should be enough left to install a slide in the pool to give kids a little extra fun.

The park is getting booked out for the fall bluegrass festival and has a 50 to 60 percent rebooking rate for next year's spring festival, he added.