Somervell County Water District (SCWD) General Manager Kevin Taylor presented plans for new water supply lines to the Commissionerís Court Monday morning. SCWD plans to put the project out for bids in December with work beginning in January or February.

Taylor said parts of the proposed project would cross county roads and involves work on county property.

One of the trickiest areas involves digging across County Road 312 near Van Zandt. Taylor said the road would need to be cut in two places to lay an eight-inch pipe. The work would take approximately one day to complete. A pipeline would also cross CR 325, CR 1007, and CR 321 along Farm to Market 56. The line would also cross FM 56 behind the cityís impound yard to service the western part of the county, and would continue past the county agricultural farm to Highway 67 West.

Along CR 2020, or Moody Lane, a 12-inch line will head down 144 South to Walnut Springs.

portions of the water line would need to be buried under the county road until the line reaches the water treatment plant.

CR 301 will have a six-inch line before reducing down to two inches where the pipe crosses Bo Gibbs. Further down, a 16-inch line will run north on 144 towards Granbury.

Taylor said this area of construction will also have to work around existing gas lines and the waterline will need to be under CR 327 to Glen Rose standpipe #5.

The pipeline will need to go under part of the Lakes course at Squaw Valley Golf Course near the old rock barn at hole five. The line would cross CR 300 at FM 200 and head towards Rainbow and would need to fringe the course again near hole 15. Taylor said he was not asking the court to take action. He simply wanted to open the floor for discussion and make sure there was not an immediate problem with the proposed path for the water line. Commissioner Mike Ford said there could potentially be a right of way issue along portions of Moody Lane but that they could work on that as the project got closer to construction.

In other business, the court approved use of the Soccer Park for Relay for Life on April 24-25. The court also approved to have maintenance personnel on hand for the 12-hour that begins at 6 p.m.

Commissioners approved the seventh change order on the hospital expansion. This order, however, will give the county a $23,179 credit.

Hospital officials decided to use a lower bid for external canopy construction that would match existing canopies. The new bid came in at $95,346.

Commissioners are also anticipating a change order on electrical work.

The county will put up an eight-foot privacy fence to resolve liability issues between High Hope Ranch and the county extension office. A water line will remain on the ranch property and available for use.

The property had been used to park trailers and vehicles during events at the Expo Center.

Legislation to establish the Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District is moving along in the Texas House and Senate.

Commissioner Lloyd Wirt traveled to Austin last week to testify. He said the feedback was positive.

The county started working last October to establish the new district after the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District board members voted to exclude Somervell from their district.

Prairielands will include Somervell, Johnson, Ellis and Hill counties. Navarro County will also have an option to join.