Rachel Dye graduated from Glen Rose High School in 2009, but she still can't drive.

That's because Rachel suffers from a brain tumor that has taken away most of her vision.

But while Rachel can't drive herself, she can ride. This year she participated for the fourth time in the annual "Ride For Kids," a fundraiser for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The annual ride, which used to be held in Glen Rose until it needed more space, now takes place in Grapevine at Grapevine Mills Mall. Motorcyclists come from all over the area to raise money for the foundation. Several give rides to the "Stars," children who have or have had pediatric brain tumors.

This year the ride raised $156749.30.

"This is a special treat for my daughter," said Sarah Dye. "This year was very special because she did not ride a three-wheeled motorcycle but a two-wheeler. She thought this was very cool."

Rachel has had a brain tumor since she was 14 and has gone through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and then some experimental treatments to try to save her eyesight. She is now a junior at Tarleton State University and has continued to battle many barriers in her life.

"Rachel lives life to the fullest and stays very positive with what she has gone through," her mother said.

She is a speaker on numerous occasions for Cook Children's Hospital. She speaks to other families and kids on her experiences and how to remain positive. She also participates in Relay for Life and Make a Wish events.

"Rachel has been such a trooper in all that she has been through and we are so proud of her," her mother said. "She is my 'hero.' Glen Rose has been so supportive and has helped us to stay sane."

Some children from Glen Rose have been through similar trials, but not as successful. Mrs. Dye hopes that some riders in Glen Rose will ban together to help raise money and ride next October for this cause.

"The fun that they would have doing this is worth the memory," Mrs. Dye said.