We have lots of news this week, so I am just going to dive right in.

I saw Karen Jones this week and she told me her Uncle Orval Cromeans has just been released from the hospital after a bout with pneumonia. He is now living in Gary, which is close to Carthage. Most of you probably remember he and his wife lived in Walnut several years ago. We are thinking about him and wish him a fast recovery.

I went to the school when they had their open house to meet the new teachers we have this year. I couldn’t tell you all their names; those are a blur already. They all seemed very nice and several I talked with had some great ideas of learning they were using.

Ms. Schneider’s room really stuck out in my mind. I walked in to the most calm and relaxing place I have ever seen in a school. My eyes went right to the back wall, which was painted with the most beautiful outdoor scene. Then there were couches, chairs, dim lamps, and the most wonderful smell. It seemed like you had just walked into someone’s home without a TV. Superintendent Pat Garrett told me that she read to the students in that setting. I would love to go back to being a student in that room.

The pre-k rooms also stood out. They are now in the rooms that used to be for office personnel. Ms. Gilbert has fixed up one of the rooms as a jungle with monkeys hanging everywhere.

I spent an afternoon visiting with Phyllis this week and met many of her new friends at the Glen Rose Nursing Home where she is taking physical therapy.

I met her roommate Estalena Phillips that I am sure many of you know. She has such a nice room with all her pictures that were painted by one of her kinfolk, Margie Price.

Then we moseyed down to the chow hall where they served some pretty good looking vittles. There I met many folks who sit at the same dinner table as Phyl.

Joy West was there and is another one of our relatives; a third cousin is what we all came up with. Her dad and Mama Hilliard were cousins, so we think we’re right.

Then there was Millie Harkins and Bessie Pearce, who are Barbara and Annie Daughtry’s Aunt’s. Their mother, Minnie Jones is also there with her sisters. I also met Frances Dent at the table.

Then, I met Novella Willson. Novella’s brother, Wimp May. I found out how Wimp came by his name, which I thought pretty interesting. Novella said as a child they started calling him that after a cartoon character named Wimpy, the hamburger eater.

They all depend on this next man I am going to tell you about, Bobby Pollock. His official title is “the Bibman.” He is in charge of bringing everyone their bibs before meals and if you don’t show up in the cafeteria by the time he thinks you should he finds you in the halls.

He had gone to lunch at the Senior Citizens Center the day I visited, and boy, was he in trouble with everyone. Phyl was pretty upset because she had gotten food on her shirt since she had no bid.

If you want an uplifting experience go and visit with these fountains of knowledge. They remember so much of our past and have some great stories to tell!

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