Somervell County employees will soon have a new, convenient way to keep track of their work time.

The purchase of a payroll reconciliation system, by Time Clock Plus, was approved Monday by county commissioners.

The system is part of an implementation for the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department to transfer to a 28-day work cycle. County Treasurer Barbara Hudson was so impressed with the system that she wanted to present it to commissioners for the entire county.

“It does a lot of things we really need,” Hudson said. “There are so many positives I don’t know if I could list them all at this point.”

The new system would automatically calculate employee time cards, vacation and personal days, something that is currently being completed by hand in each department.

“It would save my office a considerable amount of time I believe,” Hudson said.

Commissioner Mike Ford, who sat in on a Webinar for the program, said he was in favor of the program’s implementation.

“This is just a new way of using a time clock essentially,” Ford said. “In the Webinar it became pretty clear, pretty quickly it is fairly intuitive.”

Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase and implementation of the system, which will cost an estimated $11,805. The program is expected to go online by the beginning of January.

In other business:

• Commissioners approved a new brush truck to be constructed by Wildfire Truck and Equipment Sales in Alvarado in the amount of $87,678.92.

• Commissioners approved a workers compensation proposal by the Texas Association of Counties in an approximate amount of $123,000.