Special to the Reporter

GLEN ROSE - Representatives from the Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) Schools Conserving Resources (SCORE) Program awarded Glen Rose Independent School District an incentive check of $17,988 for upgrading the energy efficiency of the lighting and air conditioning systems at Glen Rose High School, Glen Rose Intermediate School and Glen Rose Elementary School.

In addition to financial incentives, the SCORE Program provided no-cost technical assistance to facilitate the implementation of the energy efficiency upgrade projects. The incentive amount was determined by the total amount of energy the schools will save. The new, high efficiency lighting and air conditioning systems will save more than 194,220 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, equivalent to preventing the carbon dioxide emissions of about 15,700 gallons of gasoline, according to Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

"Glen Rose ISD is committed to reducing energy consumption wherever possible, and energy efficiency is an important part of that commitment," said Wayne Rotan, GRISD superintendent. "The incentives offered through the SCORE Program helped make these upgrades a reality."

The SCORE Program worked with the district to involve personnel from all departments in the decision-making process so that everyone understood the financial benefits of investing in the projects. Rotan stated that this aspect of the program is "vital because it guarantees that the financial decision makers understand the long-term advantages of utilizing the equipment and therefore can justify investing in energy efficiency upgrades."

"We identified a real need for an energy efficiency program that specifically targets school districts, especially as budgets are spread thin," said Tony Thompson, TNMP program manager. "This program is an organized effort to bring needed resources and energy efficiency to Texas schools."