With wireless devices topping many wish lists this holiday season - and many individuals still stuck in the Stone Age receiving such gifts - the Reporter dug up some apps that will help make better use of smartphones and tablets.

Remember these are only a half dozen of many apps you should try. Many of the selections are for use with the iOS operating system - iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - but Android also has selection of gems to explore. Check out play.google.com or android.com/apps for a seemingly endless Android selection. You can log onto the iTunes app store for more iOS options. 

1 - Songza

Songza is totally free and has no audio ads and no limits. Users can stream thousands of original playlists created by music experts. A "Music Concierge" will assist in finding the right music for any moment and atmosphere. The playlist library is organized by activity, genre, decade and mood.

Users working with an Android or iOS can also save and share their favorite playlists.

Songza is the latest app downloaded by Editor Amanda Kimble, who said she loves music, but has little time to search for songs and artists and compile playlists.

2 - Snapguide 

Those searching for ways to cook up a culinary delight, jazz up a living space, stick to New Year's resolutions or repair and renovate a home or office, Snapguide is a seemingly never ending how-to guide.

The app offers easy to follow guides on an array of topics including food, technology, sports and fitness, outdoors, gardening, beauty, arts and crafts and much more.

The app provides a forum for sharing and viewing step-by-step guides while at the same time providing a social network to exchange ideas and interests with fellow users.  

The free app is available for iOS devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

3 - Historical marker apps

Mark Crawford, Somervell County fire chief, said he has recently discovered several apps that alert you when you are traveling near a historical marker.  

"They then allow you to read the marker from your phone without having to stop," he said.

Turning to the iPad options, the Reporter found a 99 cent option, TexasMarkers, which offers a map view to find  markers near your current location and and throughout the state. Users can also input a specific marker number and immediately see its inscription even data service is not available. Makers can also be viewed by county, lets you know which you have viewed of the more than 14,000 in the database.

The app story also offers a North America version for $1.99 that offers more than 150,000 markers across the country. 

4 - Bible

Facebook fan Laura Hensley said she likes the Bible app by logos, it was also given four-and-a-half out of five stars by more than 500 users who rated it at the app store. 

The creator claims the app is the world's most advanced resource for mobile Bible study allowing users to access more than 40 free Bibles and other books.

It also syncs across platforms, allowing users to pick up where their studies left off from an web-enabled device. Meaning, you can read on the go or from the comfort of your home or office.   

5 - Vyclone

For friends who love to share in life's moments and make sure to catch it all on video, the iOS operating system got a little bit cooler with the creation of Vyclone. 

The free app allows users to mix film take on their device with footage from others filming the same event. All the user has to do is (video) record the event and the app does the rest. 

Vyclone synchronizes and edits everyone's clips to create one move will all the angles cut together. Movies can be remixed and shared.

6 - Evernote

This app claims to use your desktop computer, Mac and PC; phone, including iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and other Android devices as an extension of life. Syncing devices gives users the ability to access, read, organize and store information no matter where they are. 

This app is recommended by Reporter Facebook fan "METROGEEK," a Granbury-based mobile computer and information technology service service. Jack Parsons, Jr., METROGEEK front-man said, "I also use Google Drive/Drop Box. These keep notes/files sync'd between computers, tablets and my Droid!"