Wow, have I got some big shoes to fill. Sarah McComb, you will be my friend forever. Didn’t she do a magnificent job, keeping the column going while I was away?

The students of Walnut Springs spent this past week on Spring Break and I am dying to hear how they spent their week away from studies. So call me and share your experiences, whether it was cleaning up the yard, planting a garden, spending time with relatives, traveling somewhere new, let us know.

Teresa Hernandez had two of her great grandchildren, the twins Austin and Dillon Rose, from the Metroplex. They stayed a week with her and she really had a great time. She told me they helped pick up around the house and yard, but the best part was probably celebrating their 15th birthday on the 19th.

The City Hall had an unfortunate happening this past week. Someone thought it might be cool to do a “wheelie” in the parking lot. Unfortunately, that cool cat slung a rock through the front window. It might not be near as cool as soon as they figure out who that person is. See, there are video cameras in the ATM and we all should remember that it is not cool to be caught on tape.

Harvey Galindo was good enough to fix the door to keep out the criminals and Lucas Speer came to take the report and helped Kay clean up all the broken glass. Thanks guys, for all you do. You too, Kay!

The Hinkle Family will present a concert at the Walnut Springs Baptist Church, Sunday, March 29, at 10:45 a.m. Ann Dempsey tells me they all play an array of instruments and sing a delightful mixture of new, old and Southern Gospel music. The concert is free, but a love offering will be taken up after the program.

I had a nice surprise on the first day back at work. One of our relatives, Joy West, and her grandson, Sterling, came by for a visit. They were out traveling the countryside and looking to find Phyllis Hilliard to check out her new home. She has stayed her first night there and loves it. Thanks for coming by Joy and Sterling.

The Methodist Church pastor, Bill Hughes learned he has cancer and has started two rounds of chemo treatments. Because these cancer treatments take so much out of a person, he has taken an early retirement from the church. He and his wife live in Arlington and will soon start the radiation treatment so please keep them in your prayers. John Johnson of the Fort Worth area will be filling in for Bill until the new pastor is appointed at the conference in June.

Susan Trotter has a long road ahead of her also, but if you talk with her you will find a very strong person with a wonderful attitude. She has been through many months of pain already and still has some more to conquer. Susan has bone cancer and just had hip surgery this past week at M.D. Anderson, so please keep her and Bill in your prayers. They both mean a lot to our community.

Let’s all remember to keep humor and laughter in our life every day and pass that humor onto other folks around you. And having said that, I just wanted to pass on this bit of information I recently learned. Senior citizens are the nation’s leading carriers of Aids! How surprising this must be to all of us, but it is true. They carry hearing aids, Band Aids, Roll Aids, Walking aids, Medical Aids, Government Aids and most of all Monetary Aid to their kids.

I hope this made you laugh as loud as I did. Have fun with life, it is too short to waste. And remember, life is like a hot bath, the longer you stay in it, the more wrinkled you get!

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