Special Contributor

Sorry for no news the past few weeks. I had cataract surgery on one eye and will have the other done in September and maybe I’ll be able to see again!

I hope all of you have met Monica and Tim Miller. They are kin to Fats Jackson and are about the friendliest people you will ever meet. Last school year I told you about their son William and his love of Bronco riding and anything to do with rodeos. Well, his mom and dad both worked at getting him through high school. He wasn’t that interested in school, so it was all a challenge. Well, he has found his niche this year. He is going to Hill Jr. College in Cleburne for Heating and Air-Conditioning training. He made the Dean’s list with A’s and B’s! Way to go William!

DeAnndra Bertelsen, one of our students at Walnut Springs ISD, has been nominated for “Outstanding Cheerleader” in the USA High Schools. She is 15 and going into the 10th grade and will be in the yearly Annual of Cheerleaders of the United States of America. That is great and what an accomplishment to be picked out of all those that participate in this sport. She is the daughter of Virginia and Lucas Speer of Walnut and William Bertelsen of Clifton. Congrats!

Charles and Cherida Gilbreath have just returned from a trip of a lifetime! They took a three-continent cruise for 12 days to Israel, Egypt and Turkey. They celebrated their 40th anniversary and had a wonderful time.

My granddaughter, Whitleigh Billman turned 17 on the 29th, along with Troy Powell at the ripe old age of 64!

The following will show you how we are definitely now in the cyber world era. A young man, probably around 25 to 30 years old, came in and tried to hand me a money order. I ask what he needed and he told me he had never ever sent a letter through the mail in his whole life, so he just needed me to send this money order. I am sure I probably looked a little skeptical and he assured me he did not know how. I handed him an envelope and told him it was simple. He put the money order in the envelope and handed it back. I smiled and said, “you really need an address on it with a return address.” I pointed to where he needed to write the information. He told me again he didn’t know how.

I talked with him for a while and told him that he obviously was a complete Internet buff. I told him, that now that he knew how to do it the old fashion way, to please keep it up, my job depended on it. He was from Casper, Wyoming and was just down with his wife. They had come to Fort Worth to bring their new baby girl weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz. into this world with his parents and hers, who live there. Isn’t amazing how we do things so different now in this new age. I always thought that the grandparents came to the new parents to attend the birth of a baby.

Speaking of babies, Barbara and Gary Phillips have a new grandson born Aug. 28 in College Station. Owen Roy Crow is the son of Angela and Andy and weighed 7 lb. 3 oz and 19 inches long. Baby and mom are doing great and grandma is spending the week to help with it all. Actually I think her biggest job is to try and spoil Owen immediately!

Vernon Welborn, long time resident of Walnut, passed away Aug. 25 after a lengthy stay in Meridian Manor. His funeral will be held on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Walnut Springs Baptist Church. He leaves behind a daughter, Kathy Lush of Clifton, three sons, Teddie and Albert of Walnut and Kirk of Decatur. He had 11 step-grandchildren and 12 step-great grandchildren. Our sympathies and prayers go out to all his family and friends.

Walnut Springs Historical Association really needs all of our help. Their goal is to collect, research and preserve the history of this area which is extremely rich in Indian, pioneers, ranching, Texas Rangers, the Katy Railroad, and lots more. This association does not receive any funding from any local governmental entity. All their progress has been through donations. On Sept. 6 a BBQ and Auction will be held at the Community Center to help raise more funding. In conjunction with this event they will offer Patron Sponsorships to individuals, professionals, companies and corporations with business interests tied to Walnut Springs and the surrounding area. These consist of Silver Sponsor - $50, Gold Sponsor - $100 and Platinum Sponsor - $200. All contributions are deductible and any contributor meeting the minimums will have his name inscribed on a plaque to be displayed in the museum. To donate your time or money please contact Kay Offutt at the City Hall 254-797-3721 or her home 254-797-3256. All checks must be made to Walnut Springs Historical Association. Send me your news at rah991@valornet.com or call me at 254-797-8200. Now like the farmer said when he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road.