Special to the Reporter

We are glad to welcome Welby Simpson, and Wayne and Jackie Carstenson to our daily lunch group.

Our monthly birthday party will be Wednesday, Dec. 24. Cards were not sent out this month to our December people, but donít let that keep you away, we will still have pot roast and all the trimmings.

Alice Lance is leading our Wii games twice a month. They were a little sore after they bowled for about an hour last week. They will play again on Monday, Dec. 22.

We would like to remind everyone that we still have the Jess Hardie necklaces for sale at the Citizenís Center. Jess has just finished cleaning all of them for the Christmas season. Carol Winters will be happy to show you the different items we have in stock.

The ď42Ē tournament winners on December 10 were: 1st place Roy Mercer & Clark Stewart; 2nd place Ila Verne Stull & Dorothy Jo Osborn; 3rd place Royce Stacy & Dorothy Holder; 4th place Loveda Swaim & Grady May. Other teams participating were: Veda Gosdin & Nancy Moore; Cora Harkins & Zula Hunter; Gail Chisholm & Roger Jordan; Floyd Flanary & Dortha Beck; Jeff Parker & Pat Thompson; Trey Welch & Ann Parham.

Activities at the Center beginning Dec. 22: Wii games on Monday; needlework, ceramics, Davidís grocery shopping and Tops on Tuesday; birthday party and Brookshires grocery shopping on Wednesday; closed for Christmas on Thursday and Friday.

The Citizenís Center will be closed Dec. 25 - 26 for the Christmas Holidays.

Get well wishes go out to Abby Ivy, Mary Parnell, Burlene Moore, and Rosemary Cavassos.

Menus for the week:

Dec. 22

Country fried chicken w/gravy; mash potatoes; broccoli w/cheese sauce; roll; banana pudding; milk

Dec. 23

Pinto beans w/sausage; turnip greens; beets; mexican cornbread; Jell-o/fruit; milk

Dec. 24

Pot roast; roasted potatoes; green beans; roll; birthday cake; milk

Dec. 25


Dec. 26