Fall is a perfect time for gardening in Texas. An increased frequency of cooler temperatures and decreased day length combine to make fall an ideal time for gardening, especially vegetable gardening.

Doug Welsh, in his book “Texas Garden Almanac” states that fall is time to act quickly, as you still have time to plant “quick-harvest” warm-season vegetable crops. These crops include green beans and radishes. Cool season vegetables should be planted now: broccoli, cauliflower, leaf lettuce and spinach oftentimes will have much better crops during the fall than in the spring.  You will notice that vegetables that mature in cooler temperatures are usually of higher quality. Other cool season vegetables can be used in flowerbeds as ornamentals. These include cabbage, kale, leaf lettuce and spinach. 

Herbs also enjoy fall cooler temperatures. Basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mints, and oregano transplants can be planted now for quick high quality crops. Some herbs can also be used as ornamentals in flowerbeds. Mexican oregano produces pink flowers; rosemary in the upright form will produce blue blossoms in the fall; Mexican mint marigold is a fall bloomer which produces small, daisy-like yellow flowers.

Fall is also the time to plant your wildflower seeds. Texas has an abundance of wildflower species that adorn our natural landscape, roadways and even in cultivated landscapes. Planting wildflower seed in September ensures you can enjoy wildflowers in your yard the following spring. 

Source: Doug Welsh’s “Texas Garden Almanac.”