The Somervell County Commissioners Court called an emergency meeting June 17 to deal with a leak near a construction site off US Highway 67.

At the meeting, commissioners voted and approved to allow the Polleys to work on the line to stop or bypass the leak. The leak is under a concrete wall in the parking lot behind Chicken Express where a new commercial building is being constructed.

In a follow-up interview with the Reporter on Friday, Commissioner Lloyd Wirt said they weren’t sure what caused the leak because crews were not able to uncover the pipe.

The line carries effluent, or non-potable, water to a pond at Squaw Valley Golf Course. The golf course then pumps water from the pond for irrigation.

Wirt said the court had to act quickly to keep the pond from drying out. He explained the pond has a poly-liner that is lined with clay. The clay must remain moist to retain its integrity.

Wirt said crews have been working to re-route the line around the problem area to restore the golf course’s water by the first part of the week.

The commissioners also held a special session Monday morning.

They approved an exemption of sole source purchase of telephone equipment for the hospital bond project.

County Auditor Darrell Morisson said the motion was needed to upgrade the existing phone system. The upgrade will cost $29,931.08.

They also set a sealed bid deadline for furniture, artwork and soft goods for the Glen Rose Medical Center. Some of the furniture pieces might be available on the buy board. However, sealed bids for the remaining items, artwork and soft goods are due July 10 to be opened July 13.