Texas Drive will get double striping, reflectors and signs warning of the dangerous curve on the hill behind the Expo Center.

The Glen Rose City Council Monday night approved the safety measures, which will cost an estimated $884.

The council recently visited Texas Drive, which was the site of a recent accident when Chance Doyle, the son of Sheriff Greg Doyle and Jodi Doyle, ran his truck off the curve and plunged down the hill. There were no guardrails or striping to indicate lanes on the wide road, which originally was built for traffic to and from “The Promise” passion play at the Texas Ampitheatre.

Two double stripes and stick-down reflectors will mark lanes. Signs also will warn of the curve.

The vote was unanimous in favor of making the changes.

In other business, the council approved a funding request of $20,000 to be given by the Glen Rose Economic Development Corporation to the Somervell History Foundation for continued restoration work at Barnard’s Mill.

It also voted to move ahead with a grant application to help pay for a future wastewater treatment plant.

Garbage collection rates probably also will going up. Jim Shur from IESI asked for a 4 percent across-the-board hike. If the council approves the request at its next meeting in January, rates could rise from $11.90 a month for twice-a-week collection to $12.38. Rising fuel costs are behind the rate increase request, which also was included in IESI’s contract with the city.

Council members also decided that those members elected in next year’s May election will be paid $10 per meeting, including workshops. During the discussion, Councilman Johnny Martin said he would not running again. He voted against the measure, with the rest of the council voting in favor.