After receiving approval and support from the county commissioner’s court in September, the Somervell County Master Gardeners Association moved forward with plans to purchase and plant 24 Red Knockout Rose Bushes along the new split rail fence at the eastern edge of Heritage Park. Fourteen master gardeners and several county employees met at the park on Oct. 20 for the planting.

Holes were dug, compost added, roses planted, water applied, and 6 inches of mulch was spread for weed prevention and moisture retention. Because they are EarthKind roses, minimal maintenance is required once the roses are established.  The gardeners will water and maintain the roses for the first year. It is expected that by the end of the second year they will be at mature height and performance.

At the same time that the group was planning the rose bed, the Somervell Network Group, a group of community members, county and city officials, and businesses who had been meeting for several months, decided to implement a beautification project. Ymke Condy is heading this and her vision is to bring back roses to Glen Rose. It is called Project 2010 Rose Bush and the concept is to plant 2,010 EarthKind roses in the year 2010. These rose bushes will be planted throughout Glen Rose and Somervell County. The Chamber of Commerce office will be the coordinator of the project and the master gardeners will offer advice on selection and care of the roses.

Businesses and individuals can place orders for the EarthKind roses at the Chamber office. All roses are $12 and must be prepaid.

Project 2010 Rosebush compliments another “perfect timing” opportunity, as the Somervell County Master Gardeners and Lake Granbury Master Gardeners will be hosting the state Texas Master Gardener Conference in Glen Rose in April 2011.