Macy the golden retriever stood on a table and waited as her strawberry-blond fur was brushed until it shone. Zachary the English sheep dog seemed unfazed by all the hair dryers whirring and combs and brushes flying around him as groomers worked on their canine clients.

Nearby, a pair of Shelties looked like furry, long-nosed bookends as they waited to get off their grooming tables and take their turn in the show ring.

When the annual Nolan River Kennel Club comes to town, half of the fun is watching the dogs getting ready for their minutes of fame. The show last weekend drew more than 2,000 entries, show chairperson Mary Napper said.

"It wasn't a record, but that is exceptional, especially in this economic time," Napper said. Participating in many dog shows is down more than 20 percent, she added.

Purebred dogs of all sizes, from Dachshunds to Great Danes, displayed their form and obedience training. Dogs also could be brought in to have their eyes tested and to get microchip implants for identification.

The show included 171 breeds from 31 states, including Alaska, and eight foreign countries.

The dog named Best in Show on Saturday was a Kerry Blue Terrier named Ch. Tontine's Champ Redemption from Litteton, Colo. County Judge Mike Ford and County Commissioner John Curtis helped present the trophies.

Named Best in Show on Sunday was a German Short-haired Pointer named Ch. Autumn's Stardust and Roses from Conifer, Colo.

Napper said the kennel club would like to thank the Glen Rose businesses that helped raise $1,000 for a junior achievement scholarship.

“We really appreciate it because it does help the kids,” she said.

Napper said the show will be back at the Expo next year. Dates for the 2012 show will be Jan. 6 to 8.