Special to the Reporter

Joanna, the 11-year-old Plano girl who recently christened the new dinosaur track site, had three wishes

when she came to Glen Rose — to meet a paleontologist, to visit a dinosaur track site and to ride a horse.

She got her third wish when she visited Larry Smith's LS Ranches. Smith is the property owner of the site behind the Comfort Inn & Suites where the dinosaur tracks were found. His son, Larry Smith II, brought his ranch horse Pinion over for Joanna to ride. She also hand fed Larry II's big Texas Longhorn steers.

After mounting Pinion for a final ride, Larry II told Joanna, “Hang on tight.” As he pulled Pinion into a trot, Joanna clutched the saddle horn and a smile as big as Texas lit up her face. Afterward Joanna's family and their new friends were treated to a Texas barbecue prepared and served by Chef Christie Clark.