Special to the Reporter

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders in the Glen Rose Independent School District recently placed more than 70 times in UIL contests from art to mathematics to writing skills.

Congratulations to the winners listed below:    

Grade 6

Art: Gabriel Lewis, fourth place

Calculator Applications: Molly Burns, third; Madison Wooten, fourth

Team, second place: Molly Burns, Madison Wooten, Chasen Monk

Maps, Graphs and Charts: Dakota Stroud, sixth

Mathematics: Jared Brandt and Ty Campbell, tie for second place; Molly Burns, fifth

Team, first place: Jared Brandt, Ty Campbell, Molly Burns

Music Memory: Jacob Jones, third; Joey Sandlin, fourth; Jacob Harte, fifth

Team, first place: Jacob Jones, Joey Sandlin, Jacob Harte, Turner Hill, Chance Page

Number Sense: Madison Wooten, first; Natalia Poland, sixth

Team, third place: Madison Wooten, Natalia Poland, Dakota Stroud

Oral Reading: Brittan Grace, first; Ashley Daniels, sixth

Ready Writing: Brittan Grace, sixth

Grade 7

Art: Meredith Odom, second; Kalli Crabtree, fifth; Lexi Crabtree, sixth

Team, first place: Meredith Odom, Kalli Crabtree, Lexi Crabtree

Calculator Applications: Kalli Crabtree, first; Grace Payne, second; Hayden Swearengin, third Team, first place: Kalli Crabtree, Grace Payne, Hayden Swearengin

Dictionary Skills: Evan Richesin, fifth

Editorial Writing: Bailey Bason, fifth

Impromptu Speaking: Trey Sexton, third; Kedzie Sheets, fourth

Listening: Bailey Bason, fourth

Maps, Graphs and Charts: Becca Floyd, second; Meredith Odom, third

Team, first place: Becca Floyd, Meredith Odom, Madeline Campos

Mathematics: Becca Floyd, second; Meredith Odom, fifth

Team, second place: Becca Floyd, Meredith Odom, Tayler Coy

Modern Oratory: Miranda Metker, fourth

Number Sense: Trey Sexton, fourth

Team, third place: Trey Sexton, Makayla Kucera, Hayden Swearengin

Ready Writing: Lexi Crabtree, second; Kalli Crabtree, sixth

Social Studies: Jayden Reynolds, third

Team, third place, Jayden Reynolds, Bailey Bason, Tanner Mitchell

Spelling: Becca Floyd, first; Meghan Branham, fifth

Team, second place: Becca Floyd, Meghan Branham, Grace Payne

Grade 8

Art: Monica Villalpando, third

Team, third place: Monica Villalpando, Ronak Jayswal, Yissette Flores

Calculator Applications: Colten Curry, fourth; Robert Jameson, fifth

Team, second place: Colten Cully, Robert Jameson, Carlin Linnabery

Dictionary Skills: David Barnes, first

Team, third place: David Barnes, Ronak Jayswal, Carol Darch

Editorial Writing: Marissa Nolte, fifth

Impromptu Speaking: T.J. Bunt, first

Mathematics: Kevin Horn, second; Dylan Whitlock, fifth; Callie Hill, sixth

Team, second place: Kevin Horn, Dylan Whitlock, Callie Hill

Number Sense: Colten Curry, second

Team, third place: Colten Cully, T.J. Bunt, Dylan Whitlock

Oral Reading: Maysen Mapes, third; Molly Mottern, fourth

Ready Writing: Melissa Wright, sixth

Science II: Stevan Rivera, second

Team, third place: Stevan Rivera, Joel Reyes, Sara Hill

Social Studies: Robbie Serrano, second; Nathan Burroughs, third

Team, second place: Robbie Serrano, Nathan Burroughs, Vincent Bone

Spelling: Katie Cutshall, fourth

Team, second place: Katie Cutshall, Lexi Carden, Stevan Rivera