Special to the Reporter

Glen Rose Elementary and Intermediate Schools participated in the district UIL academic meet on Nov. 9 at Latham Springs.

The following students and coaches participated and many students placed.

Art, 4th grade Coached by Mary Strayhorn

Team, 1st place

Tate Randall 1st

Emma Turner 2nd

Adrian Reynolds 6th

Kylie Cox participant

Art, 5th grade Coached by Theresa Mascola

Team, 2nd place

Ashton Hay 1st

Logan Thames 2nd

Jett Gould 3rd

Justin Harte Participant

Gage Williams Participant

Creative Writing Coached by Lynne Dillard

Jeana Douglas - 5th

Maureigh Cantu - 6th

Elizabeth Bowles - Participant

Dictionary Skills Coached by Marla Bretton

Annie Bryant 1st

Reynaldo Reyna 2nd

Jesse Schroeder 3rd

Listening Coached by Kris Phillips

Dawson Sharp 1st

Nicholas Lara Participant

Courtney Page Participant

Maps, Graphs and Charts Coached by Tayna Rabeneldt

Payte Treadawy 1st

Chase Osborne Participant

Music Memory, 3rd Grade Coached by Penny Brister

Team 4th

Members: Zachary Clark, Tasha Matticks, Bella Wood, Orrin Miller and Jacqueline Amezcua

Music Memory, 4th Grade Penny Brister, coach

Team 1st

Members: Josh Mascola (3rd place individual), Emma Sheffield, Logan Yocham, Justin Fowler and Ariel Easter

Music Memory, 5th Grade Coached by Penny Brister

Team 1st

Members: Tate Swearengin (1st place individual), Gabe Rameriz (2nd place individual), Andrea Mendoza (4th place individual), Emma Bozarth and Jovita Bernal

Number Sense, 4th Grade Coached by Ruth Ann Emerson

Tatum Draper 4th

Zoe Russell 5th

Katy Ganum Participant

Number Sense, 5th Grade Coached by Ruth Ann Emerson

Peter Copeland 3rd

Hanna Sheldon 4th

Cheyenne Noisey Participant

Oral Reading, 2nd Grade Coached by Kassi Foegelle

Caden Schinagel - 2nd

Jesse Ramirez 4th

Brylea Foegelle 5th

Oral Reading, 3rd Grade Coached by Betty Grace

Breanna Baker Participant

Chloe Garrison Participant

Kennedy Overton Participant

Oral Reading, 4th Grade Coached by Anne Glass

Brandi Black 1st

Laura Olgetree Participant

Emma Crabtree Participant

Oral Reading, 5th Grade Coached by Candace Stegint

Rhett Downing 1st

Jordan Nabors 4th

Grace Hill Participant

Ready Writing, 3rd Grade Coached by Donna Fowler

Breanna Baker 3rd

Hailey Dougherty Participant

Ethan Parrish Participant

Ready Writing, 4th Grade Coached by Jaylyn Cauthen

Justin Fowler 2nd

Abby Johnson 3rd

Natalie Lacey Participant

Ready Writing, 5th Grade Coached by Jill Power

Payte Treadawy 1st

Ashton Hay 2nd

Audrey Smith 5th

Spelling, 2nd Grade Coached by Susan Watkins

Gracie Ramirez - Participant

Abby Stephenson Participant

Rylee Thrasher Participant

Spelling, 3rd Grade Coached by Amy Turner

Kathryn Burroughs 5th

Joel Mendoza Participant

Kimberley Sanchez Participant

Spelling, 4th Grade Coached by Trish Beauregard

Christian Hurtado 5th

Jana Whitfield Participant

Bryanna Lylte Participant

Spelling, 5th Grade Coached by Sheryl McCullough

Gwyneth Palmer 6th

Kansas Simons Participant

Adriana Herrera Participant

Storytelling, 2nd Grade Coached by Denise Lane

Trinidy McCoy - 1st

Nicholas Cruse - 2nd

Hailey Manis - 3rd

Storytelling, 3rd Grade Coached by Jackie Odom

Winston Lagergren 3rd

Brandt Moore 6th

Kora Dodson Participant