So many were touched by the stories she told

Whether yesterday’s peacocks or days of old.

Her eyes were so blue and her smile so wide,

Pride in Glen Rose she could never hide.

Her travel in life took her near and far

But home is where she landed, and she became a star.

The protector of history and the remnants were shown

To every person when the museum they roamed.

Many times calls were made to salvage and restore

And there was Jeanne Mack prepared to step forward.

Her humor was different and dry to a bunch

But I saw through her candor, found a softhearted lump.

This town has seen children from our schools and others,

Each came to see her and gaze at the wonders.

The museum was full of what she had gathered

From sources unknown, it really didn’t matter.

Remember this lady for what she meant to you

Some will have fond thoughts and others not true.

But anyone who knew her knew what she meant

When she looked at you, one better make sense.

Rest in Peace, Jeanne

I Love You