Special to the Reporter

Several years ago, when still living in Haskell, I was driving home late one night after speaking at a banquet in another town in that part of the country. Just as I neared the Haskell city limits, what I thought was a coyote came out of a bar ditch and tried to cross the highway in front of me. I hit the critter with the left front corner of my car.

Out of curiosity I turned around and went back for a closer look. To my surprise, it wasn’t a coyote. It was a bobcat and it was beautiful. I decided that I would take the cat home and keep the pelt.

It was very late when I got home and I just didn’t really feel like skinning a bobcat at that time. So I just laid it over in our small, chest-type freezer out in the garage, across the baskets, and all those little white packages and freezer bags. I figured my wife, Robbie, wouldn’t go to the freezer before I could remove the cat next morning.

I was wrong. Again. But we got through that. That afternoon, after the cat had time to thaw, I did remove the beautiful pelt.

It was some years later, after moving to Glen Rose, that — as I shared in a earlier story — I put the whole, frozen, coiled-up rattlesnake in our kitchen sink full of hot water to thaw. You’ll remember, perhaps, that all Robbie said to me about that was, “I just wish you would TELL me when I’m going to walk in the kitchen and find a rattlesnake floating in the sink.” (She’s SUCH a gracious woman!)

A couple of years ago I was looking at some new flooring at Lowes in Cleburne. The young man who worked in that department seemed very knowledgeable about the products they offered and was very helpful in explaining the various benefits of the different materials. I guess I looked at all of it and asked every question I could think of.

Then he offered me a tip.

Sir, I’m going to advise you to go ahead and look at the different kinds of flooring we have, but don’t make a decision without your wife being with you,” he said. “I’ve known women who left their husbands over something like this.”

I looked and him and said, “Son, lemme tell ya somethin’. My wife has opened our freezer and found a full-grown bobcat lying there. She’s walked into our kitchen and found a rattlesnake floatin’ in the sink. She’s NOT gonna leave me over a piece of wood.”

He responded, “I bet you're right.”

Life’s an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!

(I’m sure thankful I have a loving, patient, understanding wife to live it with!)

Randy McLelland, a.k.a. Randy Mac, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church on FM 202. He plays the role of "Grandpa" in The Promise and, through his “Livin' It Up” ministries, is a motivational speaker and Christian entertainer. His Web site is www.RandyMac.com and he can be reached at randymac@randymac.com.