This fine specimen of petrified wood implementation sets above a beautiful driveway outlined with stonework. Dr. George P. Snyder built this country home in 1929 for his family. The house on Highway 144 overlooks Squaw Valley Golf Course No. 1, which contains former Snyder real estate.

Dr. Snyder had become a man of influence and affluence in the community by operating his drugless sanitarium for about thirty years and by becoming president of First National Bank.  In this position he became a landed person, owning property extensively in Somervell County.

Snyder started a magnetic healing hospital in Glen Rose that attracted thousands and began an era of economic development for Glen Rose and the county. His charisma and talent for using techniques of Weltmerism for his patients spurred his business to a fortune for him. The famous Charles Goodnight came to him for treatments for his fast-fading eyesight. In a letter he wrote: “I know they have cured several blind here and it now appears fairly certain they will cure me.”

Snyder’s institution attracted more magnetic healers until the tiny town of Glen Rose boasted about five of these sanitariums, as they were called in those days.  What is left of his own enterprise is now called “Inn on the River.”

Most of the time, he and his wife Maggie and children Pauline (Womack) and George Jr. lived in the sanitarium complex in town. He decided to build this country home for them to retreat to for rest and recreation. At that time, use of petrified wood in homes became a status symbol. Across the highway from the house, they built a fishing and swimming pond with bathhouse.