Well, the tomato contest is on. We have now had two tomatoes that were turned in at 1 1/2 pounds. I wouldn’t have believed it, but I saw them both, and they were mega large! The first biggy to be brought in was grown by Chad Lampman, of Lakeside Village. As a matter of fact, Jerry and I ate that one, and it was one delicious, juicy tomato. The next one turned in was grown by Leward Wood of Walnut Springs. I don’t know what you guys are fertilizing with, but it defiantly works.

The Walnut Springs guys have still been playing basketball in a summer league. They had the last game in Kopperl playing against Whitney for a win of 50-41.

Teresa Hernandez is a new great grandmother. Her granddaughter, Stephanie Henrise and husband, Richard Pena, are the proud parents of a little girl, Presley Roze. She was born in the Mansfield Methodist Hospital on June 5, weighing in at a whopping 5lb. 12 oz. and was 17 inches long.

Where else but in Walnut Springs could you see a person drive up to the Post Office on a tractor to pick up their mail. Well, it really did happen. I heard the weirdest engine sound outside and went to the front desk, just in time to see Carl Hale passing on his tractor with his straw hat and long beard waving in the wind. I could only smile really big, he is such a hoot as it is. So the next time he came in I ask him if that was in fact him and he told me “yeh, you know the doctors won’t let me drive anymore, so I take the tractor.” Most of you will remember that Carl has been through lots in the last couple of years. He has come through with shining colors, what with all the chemo and radiation. It’s so great to see him riding around in his Cadi Tractor!

Now speaking of fancy rides, our carrier at the PO has a new ride. Kelly Hardin is the proud owner of Honzie Rodgers’ 1978 Mark V Lincoln Continental Diamond Jubilee. Honzie purchased that car brand new during the Ford Motor Companies 75th Anniversary. They only made 5,000 of them and they only were made in Diamond Blue or Gold. Kelly is very excited to be the second owner of such a classic car and intends to drive it in the parades and other events around here. He commented that it would have to be driven very short distances because he figured it would only get about seven miles to a gallon.

Kathy Hardin’s mother, Ida Roberts is at the care center in the Glen Rose Hospital. She just passed her 90th birthday on June 19, but she is not doing well. Please keep her in your prayers.

I know many of you know Jennie Herrada and if not, she works at the Walnut Springs School. Well, I just met her sister-in-law, Yolanda Herrada, this past week at their garage sale. I swear they are sisters instead of sister-in-laws, they act so much alike, they are both hilarious to talk with. Yolanda came walking into the PO with the biggest shiner I have seen in many moons. She started telling me what happened and all I could do was laugh with her even though it had to have hurt like the dickens. She told me after the sale was over she was sweeping in the house and reached up to turn off the fan, so it would quit blowing the dust bunnies around, when the globe fell from the fan, hitting her in the head so hard she saw stars. I think by the looks of that shiner, she’s lucky she didn’t pass out in the floor with more possible injuries. Take care of yourself gal.

Tedra and Tom Simpson of Walnut Springs are new grandparents. Daughter, Tara and husband, Jason Brown, have a big baby boy named Coby Griffin Brown born June 25 at Hugley Hospital. Coby weighed 8 lbs. 4oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. Big brother Tanner Griffin, nine years old and Big sister, Kelsie Caye, fourteen years old welcomed their new brother home.

Well folks, I’ll leave you with a little food for thought. Courtesy is the shortest distance between two people and we want to keep that distance as short as possible by treating each other with respect. Especially respect our elders and those who went before us, for today’s children will look to us tomorrow. We had lots of these talks this past week at work.

Call with your news 254-797-8200 or e-mail rah991@valornet.com. Now like the farmer said when he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road.