The State Office of Administrative Hearings will hold a preliminary hearing at 10 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 16, in the Somervell County Annex courtroom regarding Slick Machines' application to place a rock crusher on Chalk Mountain.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ordered the matter reviewed by the SOAH and a response back within a year from the commissioners meeting that was held at the end of June in Austin.

Anyone who was denied status as an "affected party" will be able to come forward and explain why he or she would like to be included in the case.

This is a preliminary hearing and the SOAH will not be hearing direct testimony at this time. However, interested citizens are urged to attend to show their opposition to the application.

"Because the hearing is being held in Smervell County, we need everyone who can attend to do so," said Darrell Best of the Chalk Mountain Foundation.