Well, this week we have lots and lots of news so we better get right to it.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Wilma. Wilma is famous in Walnut Springs even though she is no longer with us, except in spirit. And we all love her and feel like we have known her all her life. Wilma was a pet pig who went down in a bad way but that now will go down in history! Wilma we’re proud of you for bringing us all to our knees and showing us the law is still fair.

We have new babies in the area. Tate William Reyes was born at Baylor Southwest on Oct. 22 and weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs. and was 19 inches long. The proud parents are Jay and Heather of Walnut Springs. Big brother Dalen Norman Reyes, 2, welcomed him home with a hug. Grandparents are Sharla and Juan Ibarra of Walnut, David (Ike) Conner, and Teresa Gutierrez of Walnut, Bertha Reyes of Glen Rose and William Reyes of Florida. Great grandparents are Winton and Louise Gartrell and Juan and Margaret Ramirez all of Glen Rose.

Braylon Ryon Reid was born Nov. 7 at Walls Hospital in Cleburne, weighing in at 7 lbz. and was 19 3/4 in. long. Proud parents are Jolinda and Brian Reid. Grandma is Vicki Ortega and Grandpa is Mario Ballesteros. Aunts and uncles are Mario, Christian and Marissa Ballesteros. It looks like this baby is going to have plenty of people to spoil him rotten. Congrats to all of you!

The M.A.S.H program at school in Walnut Springs will present “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Gift” on Thursday, Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. They will be featuring the Walnut Springs ISD Signing Choir and “Audible Lights”!

The Audible Lights is made up of three men, Randy Brooks, Allen Asbury, and Bill Brooks who are all actors, singers and are all kin folks. They will make you laugh, shout, cry and create life-changing memories. This is going to be a great evening you really want to attend, just bring a canned food item for the admission which will be donated to the Hannah House Maternity Home in Glen Rose.Eight girls and six boys from Walnut Springs ISD, have traveled to Humble on Friday. They all qualified in the individual meet requirements and the total points allowed the team to advance to the Regional’s Cross Country Meet on Saturday.

The Hornets played Morgan this week and won 54-8 for the District Championship. Way to go Hornets! They will have this next Friday off and then will find out who they will play next.

Congratulations to Robert and Judy Schermerhorn of Glen Rose on their 25th anniversary on Nov. 5. Katie Buckner turned 21 on Nov. 7.

David and Betty Keller were surprised with a very nice visit from an old friend, Chris Matthew. Chris has been over in Iraq for several years now teaching the Iraqi men to become police. He is in the USA for a short time before going back and came by to have lunch with the Kellers.

Dave Keller had another surprise. By the request of Chet Edwards, he was honored for his service in the US Navy’s 7th Fleet in the Pacific from Dec. 1943 through Dec. 1945, and was sent a US Flag that was flown over the Capital of Texas on Aug. 21. David has recently retired after 24 years of faithful and hard work with the Veterans of Bosque County as their Veteran Service Officer. Congratulations Dave!

Lori Pollard and her daughter Melody will be in charge of the Angel Tree this year. Next week we will have more information on it, but if you would like to find out more now, contact the Walnut Springs Baptist Church.

Now for those of Walnut Springs that are a little under the weather. Shorty Chappell had a little episode a couple of weeks ago, and is now home and doing much better after spending a few days in the Clifton Hospital. Skeeter Chappell has also been sick and Gloria said she had told them both that if they didn’t do what the doctors said that she was going to be their “worst nightmare.” It sounds serious guys, so be good. Carl Hale is not feeling very well at all, he has been a very sick man. He and Sharron have moved to Meridian but promised to keep in touch. Nathan Morris had a fall and hit his head. He is in the Glen Rose Rest Home. Opal Rosenquist is very sick also. Donnie Olson had some heart problems in the last couple of weeks and spent a few days in the hospital, but after a procedure, she is now home and doing much better.

Dale Harrison is back in Hugeley Hospital near Burleson with respiratory problems. Ramona Peters, while on a hunting trip with husband and friends this past weekend, had very bad pain in her neck. She is to go this next week for some treatment to help with the pain. If you saw Lisa Rabon this past week, you would probably think maybe she was thrown from one of her horses, but think again. She was thrown but not by a horse, it was a hose, a gas hose to be exact. She was gasing up the truck when she tried to jump the hose while it was still in the tank and didn’t quite make it. She had a very bad fall on her face, causing some broken teeth and stitches in her lip. She still looks great and we’re hoping you are out of pain soon. Our prayers are with you all and here’s hoping you are all better very soon.

My family would like to say thanks for all your prayers for our grandson this past weekend. He is doing better and his liver is beginning to heal itself. He is a very lucky young man. God was really looking after him.

I had a really neat thing happen this past week. Jerry was reading his subscription to Lake Whitney Views and said that I should look at the page and see if I recognized anyone. I looked and found that they had a page with articles, ads and pictures from 50 years ago. There staring me in the face was a picture of my dad, sister, brother, myself and my mom. We were the new management of Pioneers Cove Lodge and they had a little article of the family. I was so surprised and happy. It brought back many memories such as a really great Christmas we had while living there, riding horses with my friends, a school bus accident that fell into a ditch and scared me pretty bad and embarrassed my brother and the great chocolate fried pies my mom made for the café every day. It made my day.

Well, that’s all folks and as the farmer said when he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road. Call with your news 254-797-8200 or e-mail rah991@valornet.com.