County Extension Agent

On a hunt or around the feed store or the coffee shop, have you heard the lament “Where have all the Quail gone?” A seminar designed to address this question is slated for Wednesday, May 27, at the Meridian Civic Center in Meridian, Texas.

The goals for this program are five fold.

1) Develop a regional brain trust to discuss possible causes/solutions for the quail decline.

2) Develop/recruit potential funding agents for a coordinated research effort to address the quail decline.

3) Spark interest in the annual Trans-Texas Quail Count, Quail Masters, and Bobwhite Brigade, and recruit volunteers/students for same.

4) Introduce Sarah Robinson (Texas Audubon’s new N. Texas Quail Specialist) to key players as she seeks to expand quail “co-ops”, and

5) Cultivate a “not on my watch” rally cry for one of our most vexing conservation issues in Texas, i.e., quail decline.

Pre registration for the event is due by May 22 at a cost of $10 and registration at the door is $150 at 8:30 a.m. on May27. The programs begin at 9 a.m.

This event is sponsored by Texas AgriLife Extension. For questions about the event or to pre-register, contact Josh Blanek, Somervell County Extension Agent, 897-2809.