Kids and adults packed Glen Rose Elementary School last Thursday night for a Science Night built around the theme of The Magic Bus, a popular line of educational children’s books.

Everyone entered the school through the back of a GRISD school bus decorated for the event. Inside, 28 activity stations were set up to teach children about some aspect of science.

Kids got to dig through sand for fossils, make a volcano erupt by combining baking power and vinegar with some red food coloring, see how silkworms spin cocoons to make silk, learn about rain forests and pond ecosystems, peer inside an ant city and get up close and personal with a hermit crab.

“It’s all about combining a love of reading and a love of science,” explained Debbie Morris, the school’s principal. She was decked out in a white wig and white coat like a mad scientist.

About 300 to 400 kids and adults attended the event.