The leaders at Glen Rose Elementary School have found a way to motivate students and boost attendance throughout the campus.

Principal Debbie Morris said at a conference earlier this year she and several moderators at the elementary school were presented with an attendance program. The program was so interesting, the group decided to implement it at their school.

“Every time a kid is present for an entire week they get a wildlife card,” Morris said.

The students with full attendance for that week then have their names placed in a jar. One name is drawn from the jar and that student receives a small stuffed animal. The students with perfect attendance at the end of an academic quarter also receive the same privileges, but that winner is awarded a large stuffed animal.

So far, the program is working.

“I have had parents tell me it is very important for the kids to get their cards,” Morris said. “There is a hidden puzzle on the back of the cards.”

The cards have motivated kids so much that several of them refuse to miss school, even if they are feeling ill.

“We had to send several (students) home upset because they were not getting their cards,” Morris said.