For the first time in company history, Luminant's power plant fleet – including the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose – and supporting services have achieved 10 million safe work hours without a lost-time injury.

Three million of those safe work hours were at Comanche Peak. The plant in December recorded two years of work without a lost-time injury.

"The enormity of this achievement is not to be missed,” Mike Williams, Luminant's chief fossil officer, said of the fleet record. “Not only are we starting off 2010 with a tremendous reminder of the importance of safety — a direct link to operational excellence — we are proving that great goals are attainable.

"I want to both thank and congratulate our employees for their dedication and focus on safety,” Williams added.

The new record equals 26 months without a lost-time injury, defined as any on-the-job injury requiring a full day or more away from work. About 2,200 employees at each of Luminant's 16 power plants, as well as departments including engineering and operational support, generation planning, environmental and administrative services, contributed to the achievement.

"These new records exemplify our goal of Powering Texas safely and effectively," Williams said. "We have set high standards for ourselves and I challenge our team to raise the bar even higher."