Well, I flew the coop this past week to attend the State Postal Convention held in Kerrville. I joined three other women, who I always go with. We have grown very used to each other and all the baggage that comes with each of us. We really have a great time together and laugh our heads off, which really relieves some of that stress that we all have at work. We spent every day with many other postmasters and attended classes to learn more about the job. It really helps to talk with others that may have the same issues to solve that you do, so you learn a lot. ďThe Four MusketeersĒ did some major shopping. In fact, that is the real reason I am telling you about this trip. Judy, one of the four, had been there once before with her husband during another convention. While she was in her classes he spent three days at one shopping spot. Gibsonís still has a store there, can you believe it? We had to go just to see if it was still open. It was! And we loved it! It was like stepping through the door into the Twilight Zone! We stepped back in time and what a shock to see all those things that you canít find anymore. We spent 2 1/2 hours there and never saw it all. We even found some of those sprinkler heads that you put in the top of a pop bottle to sprinkle your closes while ironing. You gals remember those? When we left the car was so full, I was afraid to put on the brakes for fear I would decapitate one of my friends. So if you are out just tooling around the country and you come across Kerrville, stop and stroll back in time at Gibsonís on Main Street. I am sure anyone can tell you where it is.

Don Huffman was taken by his son Mike to the emergency room last Sunday. He was feeling pretty bad and when he arrived and they took his blood pressure, it was way up there? It could have been very bad for Don, but he is needed around here, so he only had to stay a few days before they let him come home Thursday. Don we miss that smiling face of yours, so hurry up and get your strength back and join us again in the mornings at the Post Office.

Naomi Steuben has also been having some health problems and was taken to the Glen Rose Hospital last week. We are all hoping you are back home soon.

I talked with Kay Moore this past week and she told me that her son, Phillip, went up in rank from Staff Sergeant to Gunnery Sergeant. Way to go Phillip! He is also still doing the recruiting close to their home in Plano. Congratulation! That also goes for his daughter, Krista. She graduated from Plano High June 10. The graduation ceremonies were held at the Reunion Arena in Dallas with more than 1,200 other seniors.

Linda Allenís grandson, Corbin, graduated a week ago. I couldnít believe that fellow was even close to old enough to do this. It seems only yesterday that he was just a little guy living here with his mom, Angela. Well, whether we like it or not, they do grow up and leave the nest.

Speaking of leaving the nest, my oldest, called this week from Bahrain. It was 7:15 a.m. here and it was 3:15 p.m. over there. He told me it took around 30 hours to make the flight over to that country. Thirty hours is way too long for me to sit on a plane, but he assured me they had to land a couple of times to refuel the plane. So they did get a little leg stretching, thank goodness. He will be over there for a year, so this may be the longest year ever spent by his family and his parents. He assures me he is in a very safe area! But just for safety sake please keep him in your prayers.

Well, thatís all folks! Call with your news 254-797-8200 or e-mail rah991@valornet.com. And like the farmer said when he fell of the wagon, I gotta hit the road.